Hell has broken loose once again! As before, you're the only one who can send them back where they belong. Face 16 challenging levels with new monsters, new weapons, new textures and heavy action! Using GZDOOM, you can expect some nice features that were never possible with the original game like slopes, scripting, fog, 3D-floors and many more things that will totally change the experience you had with the vanilla version of Doom II.

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A quick overview of E1M4, the final map of the first episode.

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Descend into the sewers

The final map of the first episode will take place in the damp sewers of the planet. At the end of the map, you will face Annie for the first time. The arena will be a little bit more interactive, forcing you to think fast and be constantly aware of your environment.

A1M4 1


The map has some small hallways and tunnels combined with open areas and height variations to provide different combat situations. Many parts of the map are interconnected, so there are multiple pathways to your objectives. I've made a door that requires all three keys to progress. In which order you collect those keys, is up to you.

A1M4 2

Status report

The map is as good as finished. There are some parts that need a little more detailing and a couple of secret areas need to be added. I only need to create the arena where you will fight Annie. I reckon I can wrap this up by the end of the week.

A1M4 3

Things to do

Before I can release the first episode, there's still some work I have to do:

  • gather all the resources;
  • script Annie;
  • find some fitting music for the levels;
  • extensive testing;
  • writing the documentation and compiling the package.

I'm hoping to release the first episode somewhere in August but I can't make any promises yet. I'll do my best to wrap everything up as fast as I can.

A1M4 4

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