This is a global mod for Doom3 and Resurrection of Evil, includes many changes in weapons, graphics and gameplay. The main changes are listed below.

Weapons changes:

  • Almost at all weapons a spread was reduced. A damage was increased and made more logical. For example, a machine gun now causes almost the same damage (not 2 times less as at vanilla game) as a pistol, chaingun damage - almost 2 times more, etc.
  • Increased a size of clips(number of shots without reloading) for the chaingun and plasmagun;
  • For most weapons, you can carry more ammunition. Ammo clips and boxes have more ammo count;
  • Reduced the amount of smoke coming from the barrels when firing;
  • Added a lighting of surrounding area around the flying rocket, increased a flash radius when it explodes, increased flash power when a grenade explodes;
  • Increased the damage from grenades and rockets;
  • Grenades now flyes exactly where you're aiming (don't touch the surrounding objects when throw);
  • Increased a fire rate of the shotgun, sounds of it shooting and reloading become a little fainter. New skin of homogeneous black color for the shotgun was created;
  • Chaingun now is beginning to shoot immediately, without preliminary spinning. Ejected brasses are bigger than for pistol and machinegun. The chaingun now shoots directly to target, not below and to right from the place of sighting as at vanilla. The sound of chaingun shots became a little louder;
  • The plasmagun in addition have:
    • the plasma balls illuminate the surrounding space and leave behind traces of hot air;
    • increased the speed of plasma balls;
    • now plasma deals damage within a certain radius of the hit location(not just at the hit location), also deals the damage to player if he shoots too close to himself;
    • removed high-frequency background sound;
  • BFG 9000 does not explode when you hold down the fire key too long. After reaching the maximum shooting power, you can continue to hold down the firing button, after releasing it will be fired.
    Changed the weapon animation - now it does not shake at maximum power and the shooting power indicator does not get out of the screen - and you can see the charge level. Increased damage. The illumination radius around the flying plasma and the flash radius during its explosion are increased;
  • The brasses for pistol, machinegun and chaingun are ejected from left to right;
  • The double shotgun in RoE ejectes two shell casings at shot (not one as in vanilla).

Included a reworked Sikkmod

The gameplay changes:

  • A real Martian gravity was made (it's made in all scripts etc., not only "g_gravity = 409");
  • When player came to open space his health begins to decrease immediately, because at Mars is almost no atmospheric pressure and the player is not in a hermetic suit;
  • Does not disappearing:
    • the blood;
    • the brasses;
    • the bullet holes, plasma marks, marks of rockets and barrels explosions;
  • Zombies does not "crumble" from gunshots;
  • When player teleporting to hell and from hell the weapons does not disappear;
  • In RoE at level where player walks in a suit of "chemical protection" on his shoulders, he can pick up the one "air cylinder" and go on quietly (enough of air), and not to engage in running and "collecting bottles";
  • The game menu has an option of assign the keys to night vision, small built-in flashlight, adrenaline. The night vision and small flashlight have an endless battery. The small flashlight made more normal, than in original Sikkmod: when approaching to wall, the illuminated area was narrowed to a point and disappeared. In RoE you can use the night vision only, but it gives a better picture (without stripes) than in 1st Doom 3 part;

Graphic changes:

  • An ambient light was added. In game menu a new video option was added allows to set the intensity of ambient light (Ambient light power);
  • The game menu has an ability to select the anisotropic filtering 16x;
  • Improved the picture quality when selecting the maximum texture quality in additional video settings;
  • The function of "Default" button has been redesigned. Now, after clicking it, the optimal video settings will be set, all other settings will remain unchanged;
  • There are tons of new textures and models was created by many modders since vanilla Doom3 was released. But lot of them are not real hi-res textures, they are based on old low-res textures which was zoomed and sharpened in graphic editor. I made a special program tool with which I chose the real best hd textures;
  • New textures created;
  • A few maps was a little edited for better texture looking.

Others small changes.

Credits to authors of:
Sikkmod, Wulfen Texture Pack, Monoxead Texture Pack

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  • New player equipment added: hermetic suit. It can be worn and removed at any time and any place by pressing the key (binded in game menu). The air canisters can be used only with hermetic suit on. Only with hermetic suit on and a sufficient air supply player can walk on Mars surface without damaging.

Hermetic Suit

  • There are many HD Textures in mod, but many of textures was still original at low resolution. This textures was enlarging four times with Topaz A.I. Gigapixel / Topaz Sharpen AI neural network. Besides of this some new HD Textures was created manually and some existings HD Textures was fixed and improved.







  • Reduced max ammo count for some weapons (too many ammo in V1.0);
  • Reduced plasma-gun damage (too high damage in V1.0);
  • Increased muzzle smoke for weapons (there is almost no smoke in V1.0). A color and direction of smoke is light gray and out of barrel like in real weapons, not black and flying up(like from cigarette) as in vanilla;
  • Lost Mission will be included with all the benefits of Rivarez Edition (reworked Sikkmod, ambient lighting, HD Textures, ejecting the brasses from left to right etc). Credits to Arl. for sharing his mod.
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Part 2

Part 2

Full Version

This is the second part of "Doom 3 & RoE: Rivarez Edition" archive.

Part 1

Part 1

Full Version

This is the first part of "Doom 3 & RoE: Rivarez Edition" archive. You must download all two parts to unpack the archive.

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Hello. I have an error :( Can you please help me?

The error log of the ID engine is HUGE to copy and paste here, but i think this is the important information:
using ARB_vertex_buffer_object memory
using ARB2 renderSystem
found DLL in pak file: E:\Games\DOOM 3\base\zzzzRivarez0.pk4/gamex86.dll
copy gamex86.dll to E:\Games\DOOM 3\base\gamex86.dll
3 22 640 480
Regenerated world, staticAllocCount = 0.
Shutting down sound hardware
Shutting down OpenGL subsystem
...wglMakeCurrent( NULL, NULL ): success
...deleting GL context: success
...releasing DC: success
...destroying window
...shutting down QGL
...unloading OpenGL DLL
wrong game DLL API version

Game: Fresh doom 3 install with 1.3 patch. (NOT BFG edition; NOT GOG edition; NOT repack). I did use a cracked exe so that i wont be needing the image mounted tho. (and it all worked fine before)

Here is what I already tried:
*Running doom3.exe in compatibility mode for older OS (win XP and ME)
*Even tried moving the "gamex86.dll" file somewhere else; or to set it as "read only" - to no avail.
*Oh, and i even checked what you wrote in the readme file: your zzzz.pak files are the last in alphabetical order....

What do? :\

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Rivarez Creator

Try this exe.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

OMG thank you so much for the prompt reply.

Unfortunately, even though i really appreciate the help, i already managed to find a way to make it work : i installed a completely different game version (a repack i found on the net, v1.3.1) and everything works flawlessly. (this is what also brought me back - to update the info that i got it working.)

Anyways - it's a real cool mod in general, i really appreciate it!!! Thanks!

*The textures are remarkable (and can't wait to see what you're cooking in v1.1).
*And i just LOVE the extra touches you made (like with some magazines, for eg, i noticed the one with Wingstick champion NICE).
*My only rant would be the constant damage outside (mars surface). I'm playing nightmare and it's literally impossible to search for supplies when outside.

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Rivarez Creator

Thank you for your review! I see I published my mod not in vain.
When player came to Mars surface his health begins to decrease immediately, because at Mars is almost no atmospheric pressure and the player is not in a hermetic suit (remember a "Total Recall" movie with Schwartzenegger).

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UPDATE 3: I wanted to mention but i kept forgetting.

I think that knockbacks of weapons are exaggerated to the extent where the game becomes silly.

I did not really have much experience before because it happened in relative tight places and enemies were already with their backs near walls, and did not really had access to all the guns in the early levels (and in my case, i was not that often hit because of enemies spawning in fewer numbers because of the early levels). But as i progressed i encountered and experienced these knockbacks both ways.

If enemies get a shotgun to the face they get literally thrown back a huge distance.

Same happened to me - I was in a hallway and a shotgun zombie attacked me and being on nightmare he managed to pump 2 consecutive good shots in me while i was aiming for another, and that impact had literally thrown me about 10 meters back, on the complete opposite side of the hallway.

Personally i have no problem with this because i changed the defs of the items myself, but just sharing an opinion...

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Rivarez Creator

All the impulses increased(included from monster teleportation) because it's a Mars gravity. I changed only the gravity to corresponding the Mars gravity. If your weight on the Earth is 100kg, then on Mars it will be 38kg only. So welcome to Mars :)
About walking under the open Martian sky: maybe I'll add a hermetic suit to player equipment. So, you'll must press a key to wear the suit then you can go walking to the Mars surface without problems.
Thank you for your messages! I'll check it out when I'll have a time. Unfortunately it is a big problem for me: to find few free time :(

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I understand the jumping and have nothing against it (and like i said - it's an original and fresh approach to the game, which i also like) - but those "pulses" that come out of the summoning circles, i find them silly. Anyways, no problem.

Update 4:
Another bug that i forgot to mention. Texts appear distorted in information booths.

Here's a screenshot:

And about the bugs - yes, of course, i understand you need time. I'm not pushing nor rushing you. It's just i feel that i may help if i show you the bugs i have encountered.

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Rivarez Creator

Sure I understand ) Thanks for bug-reports

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One more thing, i have encountered a bug.

It seems each and everytime a demon spawns near me, my doomguy does a small jump. (i'm sure i'm not pressing the button).

If i am near that demonic ritual circle of spawning , i get thrown in the air - everytime!

Another bug. I'm in Alpha Labs 4 and there is a medkit on the ground near the chamber where lots of spiders attack you, after taking that medkit, i no longer deplete my health.

I am playing on nightmare, it's my first playthrough for this difficulty in my life so i do not know how things are supposed to be. But i'm guessing medkits should not exist here? Because up until now, i constantly lost health (5 health points lost at each 5 seconds) and i also started with the soulcube (the only source of health so far besides wall mounted med-stations). this medkit supposed to be here? i'm guessing the health drain should not have stopped

EDIT: this problem got fixed by deleting all my saved games and restarting a fresh campaign (pretty time consuming but ...meh).
I haven't got the slightest clue what caused the problem because i can't seem to replicate it. I even tried cheating and spawning medkits to see if taking one would stop the bleeding...but it does not and medkits have not spawned...ever...WEIRD AF

After further testing i can tell you that the summoning circle is the problem. Whenever a demonic circle appears to summon a demon, everything in its area (which btw is around a good 3 meter radius) gets thrown upward, like some sort of shockwave.

And about the medkits, they are continously spawning after that time i mentioned, and my health no longer depletes

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I.About the review:
You are very welcome, you deserve good credit anyways, because i can see that this mod has received work/dedication/spirit.
Times like these i wish i was a billionaire because i would literally give you (and any good modders that make good mods out there) money for keeping THE SPIRIT of a good game alive.

II.About the surface of mars:
1) yes, i totally agree with you (although it's not exactly like in the movie - as in you do not explode - but yeah, you can die in under 2 minutes EVEN if you have oxigen in your mask).
2) i understand and respect the idea, very fresh take! (this is another reason why your mod is original)
3) the problem is that in very few cases - parts of the game are inaccessible. For eg: the first time you get outside (right after receiving the pistol and before the incident starts) - AND if you are on nightmare - , it's completely impossible to get the extra ammo and shards and adrenaline without cheating.(because you have 25 hp and it takes 12 hp to run from one point to the other without straying.

Anyways, it's not such a huge deal imo. Later parts in the game are better.

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