Doom 3 Definitive Edition Mod by Rational Impact

Doom 3 Definitive Edition Mod additional credits

Hellhole mod (can’t find authors name)
Shadow Wraith mod (Captain Obvious)
Realistic Weapons mod – for inspiration and reference (killatomate)
Mars_3K's "Oldskool" Plasma Gun v1.0 mod – for inspiration and reference (Mars_3K.)
Strelok mod – for inspiration and reference (tehstrelok)

Original screensaver used for mod picture (asertym) modified by (RationalImpact)
And inspiration in general from the awesome Doom 3 mod community!

To install the mod just place the Doom 3 Definitive Edition folder into your doom 3 directory and load it through the mod menu in Doom 3

About the mod- I have always enjoyed Doom 3 but could not stand some of the odd decisions they made for the gameplay and so when I first started learning how to mod the game I decided to tweak things the way I felt they should work. The changes are small overall and aim to simply touch up the main issues with the game while adding a little extra challenge without messing with the core gameplay to much. Also this is a gameplay only mod, so there are no graphical enhanchments other then an auto exe that puts the game in a 1080p resolution, however, to my knowledge this mod should work fine with any of the graphical mods out there, I tested it a little bit on the Redux mod and seemed to work fine but im not making any promises of compatibility with other mods, but if you wish to use this on top of Redux or any other graphical mod you should just have to overwrite the def, script, and maps folders with my mods def, script and maps folders. But enough of all that, lets get into the changes this mod makes as summarized below.

Player Stats

Armor- max armor is now 100
Stanima- increased to 200
Jump Height- increased slightly to allow easier jumping on boxes to get those hard to reach pickups
Fall Damage- soft fall damage is removed and hard fall damage is decreased to 10, your legs are no longer made of glass :)

Max Ammo

bullets- 360
shells- 320
clips- 600
belts- 900
grenades- 40
rockets- 40
cells- 480
bfg cells- 9


Fist, Flashlight - both fist and flashlight do the same damage of 20 but the flashlight has a slightly more range

Chainsaw- range is increased but damage is now 20 instead of 50

Pistol- damage increased from 14 to 15 but now has a spread of 2

Shotgun- one shell reloaded at a time, spread of 8 and fires 8 pellets instead of 13

Machine gun- clip size reduced to 30 and damage reduced to 8, spread increased to 3

Chaingun- spread decreased to 2 to give more accuracy, plus the smoke effect from the barrel has been removed, I found it to obscure vision to much when fighting

Grenades- no more insane bouncing, splash radius increased to 200 and damage is 160

Rocket Launcher- rocket velocity increased to 1000, damage is 200 but splash radius and damage is 160, clip size is now 4 instead of 5

Plasma Gun- rate of fire and velocity of bolts have been increased to be on par with a doom 1 or 2 plasma gun, decreased clip size to 30 and I added splash damage to the bolts, splash damage is 10 with a radius of 20 and be carefull because splash damage can hurt you if to close

BFG- damage and splash radius have been increased and clip size reduced to 1, the bfg does not do additional damage while charging anymore but instead full damage is done with a regular shot, more like the bfg from doom 1 or 2, you can still charge the shot if you wish but their is no need to do so and it will still self destruct if charged to long

Soulcube- it now takes 6 kills instead of 5 to charge

Ammo Pickups

Pistol bullets- small bullets are the same ammo amount of 12

Shotgun shells- small packs are the same 8 rounds and large packs have been replaced by small packs

Machine gun clips- small clips are now 15 and large clips are 30, ammo already in machine gun pickup is now 10

Chaingun belt- belts are still 60 rounds but their model has been replaced by the large bullet box, and large pistol ammo boxes now count as 60 chaingun rounds, this makes chaingun ammo more avaliable, plus ammo already in chaingun pickup is 60

Grenades- 4 grenades per pack instead of 5

Rockets- small rockets are now 4 and large rockets are 8, ammo already in rocket launcher pickup is 4

Plasma gun- small cells are 30 and large cells have been replaced by more small cells of 30, this makes plasma gun ammo a little less plentiful, also cells already in plasma gun pickup is 10

BFG- bfg cells now contain only 1 round, so use them wisely, ammo already in bfg pickup is 1


Health- small health gives 10 points instead of 15 and large health gives 20 instead of 25

Armor- armor shards now give 2 points instead of 5 and armor vest give 25 points each

Adrenaline- no longer gives you increased stanima but instead is called a Stimpack and gives you 50 health, this pickup is now far more useful

Backpack- I tried to change the ammo amounts in the backpack to my liking but every time the backpacks still give the default ammount, so I have no idea how to change this and just decided to remove the backpack from the game all together

Berserk- In my opinion the berserk in this game is just a useless gimmick so I replaced it with the megahealth powerup, so now you get 200 health and actually have to shoot the enemies, I think it makes it funner this way

Monsters- There are to many little things to go over them all but in general most monsters have had moderate health increases and have been tweaked to attack more often, dodge more and/or have faster projectile attacks, hopefully making them a bit more challenging without making them frustrating to deal with, plus bosses have had health increases as well and other small tweaks to make them a bit more threating, and ofcourse the hellhole mod is included to make the cyberdemon fight much more fun and difficult.

There may be other small tweaks to things that I have forgotten but I believe I have summarized the main points that matter. So I hope anyone who tries it out enjoys it and let me know what you think and any suggestions you may have, I will be taking a break from Doom 3 for a while to see about doing a mod for quake 4, but I may return later to update this mod or try my hand at modding resurection of evil as well. This is only my first mod, so if there are any issues let me know and ill see what I can do, im still a bit of a noob :)

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Doom 3 Definitive Edition

Doom 3 Definitive Edition

Full Version 5 comments

I have always enjoyed Doom 3 but could not stand some of the odd decisions they made for the gameplay and so when I first started learning how to mod...

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