A map with bad graphics and no lighting based on dm_crossfire, made for Map Labs' Test Tube 12. Page made for archival purposes.

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On the publishing date.


This map is up a few days before Map Laps TT12: Crossfire is up on ModDB mostly because such a thing is fully compliant with the Map Labs ruleset. Since the map was submitted on the 19th of February to Map Labs and technically uses no premade geometry from before it's submission date, i'm fully in the clear.

This map will be released before the competition purely for archival purposes and nothing else, it is still reccomended you play the entirety of the competition once it's released, and a link for it will be provided in this mod page once it's out. I may also update this map in the future with basic things such as lighting and fixing any critical issues.

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Done While Tired - 19th of February Build

Done While Tired - 19th of February Build

Full Version

This is the first version of DWT, and the one submitted to map labs. THIS WAS SUBMITTED TO MODDB AFTER THE MAPLABS SUBMISSION!

BionicCoyote - - 1,250 comments

Made a gameplay video of this map. Feel free to use the footage for whatever!

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HelenaMK Creator
HelenaMK - - 3 comments

thank you :)

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