Divide and Conquer is the biggest Third Age: Total War submod. The latest release was V5 on July 23rd, 2023. DaC V5- A Kingdom Reuinted features all previous content as well as new features such as the Reunited Kingdom, faction overhauls for Dunland, Enedwaith and the Vale of the Anduin, and overhauled UIs.

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RSS D&C: Developer Diary - 34
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Divide and Conquer Developer Diary #34:

Link to the YouTube version:

This video covers the main changes to DaC V5 since November 29th, 2020 to April 5th, 2021.

DaC V5 is still in active development with no release date scheduled (when it's ready).

For those of you who are not aware of our dev diary videos and would like to see more, please check out the following link to Arachir Galudirithon's Developer Diary YouTube Playlist:


If you haven't seen any of our dev diary videos then I would recommend starting at dev diary # 29 and go through to the latest one to get an update on the changes made in V5.

Going forward, I will be sharing updates made to DaC V5 as they happen here on ModDB (pictures and dev diary videos).

Lastly, if you would like to see the live Dropbox Changelog for DaC V5, click the following link:

Dropbox.com Log.txt?dl=0

- TheEliteDwarf