Play as a disgraced Combine metrocop in this mod for Half-Life 2. Fight your former colleauges and various Xen life as you run for your life through six varied chapters. Meet some unexpected friends and foes along the way and find out what the Combine are hiding from you - believe me, it's big.

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Firstly, sorry we haven't been very active recently - but Dishonourable Discharge is very much alive and well. In fact, we have some very exciting news...

5810 has a new voice!

Yes, the amazing Cromwell has volunteered his incredible voice acting skills to bring 5810 to life, and he sounds BAD-ASS.

We are working on bringing a trailer to you so you can hear some of thew new dialogue in action - but it's incredibly cool and we are mega grateful to him.

We have also started utilising the response system to make custom responses for 58 using a few tricks we learned from EZ2.

The whole EZ2 community has been amazing to work with and mega supportive.

New mapping team member

MatynosBuritos has joined the team as a mapper and playtester - he's putting out some amazingly cool work. As always we are incredibly happy to have all the help we can get to bring this amazing (well, we think so anyway) project to life. Thanks mate!

New story stuff

The story has matured considerably over the last year - I can't say too much just yet for fear of spoilers but we really can't wait for you to see this.

Now, on to what you really came here for... the screenshots!














The Dishonourable Discharge team!

DDDevlog: Chapter 0 progress

DDDevlog: Chapter 0 progress

News 3 comments

We've been hard at work on chapter 0! Here is a sneak peak at the development process and a few screenshots for your viewing pleasure.

A message from 5810

A message from 5810

News 1 comment

No pictures this week, just a little video message from 5810. Yes, we got the man himself in the studio!

Dishonourable Devlog: Number eleventy. Big news!

Dishonourable Devlog: Number eleventy. Big news!

News 3 comments

A quick update on Dishonourable Discharge. No, I'm not dead. Yet.

Delog 23-01-23 - Puzzles, not war

Delog 23-01-23 - Puzzles, not war


A note about episode 2 and some work-in-progress shots...

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Dishonourable Discharge - Episode 2 !!!!

Dishonourable Discharge - Episode 2 !!!!

Demo 6 comments

Dishonourable Discharge Episode 2 - the next three chapters!

Dishonourable Discharge Demo (beta)

Dishonourable Discharge Demo (beta)


Here is an early beta release of the first three chapters. You awake battered and bruised in a dingy basement of an office building. All you can remember...

FlippedOutKyrii - - 3,521 comments

It was a bit clunky by the level design got a bit better near the end. What stole the show for me and elevated it beyond a couple of loosely connected maps was the inclusion of a lot of interesting set-pieces such as a crane assault sequence and a tramride.

Sadly the biggest detriment IS the level of detail. Many rooms have impossible objects in them as they lack any doors for them to be dragged through and some are just barren with nary an extra texture beyond a wall and a floor.

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Guest - - 692,797 comments

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BionicCoyote - - 1,250 comments

Good stuff! Looking forward to the full release! Here's a playthrough/review video I made for this mod:

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Dr.Mondo - - 12 comments

Well it was wonderful experience , im looking forward for a full version and wish you good luck with this project!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
FelixtheMaid - - 38 comments

Same, I enjoyed it too.

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Serious_Samsung - - 352 comments

I recommend using the EZ SDK for this.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
andrewГО - - 807 comments

yes, I completely agree ... at the same time, the quality of the mod will rise and will be in the style of modifications about metrocops

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