Diablo 2 - Patch 3.8 Final Patch Features: 1200+ New Uniques, now over 1600 total Uniques ingame 120+ New Runewords (See PDF), now over 200 Runewords New Sets: - 2x New End Game Set for Each Class and Mercenaries - 1x New Mid Tier Set for Each - New low/mid/high level general sets - New Ring & Weapon Sets - Hundreds of New Dungeon Variations New Cube Recipes: -Gems can be downgraded EG, Perfect to Flawless, Flawless to Flawed etc -RUNES can be downgraded EG, BER to SUR, SUR to LO etc -Weapon and Armor upgrade Recipes New Armor and Weapon Tiers: -Vanilla had 3 Tier Weapons and Armor, a new tier has been added (Tier 4) EG, Quilted Armor (Tier 1), Ghost Armor (Tier 2), Dusk Shroud (Tier 3), NEW* Arcanic Shroud (Tier 4) - Modified Mercenaries - Increased drop rates for Unique/Set/Runes etc - Increased Monster difficulties across all modes with new Super Uniques - Re-balanced and Reworked all Skills for end game viability See PDF for all Details

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Diablo 2 Patch 3.5

Diablo 2 Patch 3.5

News 7 comments

Patch 3.5 Updates coming soon... Many great balance changes and skill improved have been done...

Diablo 2 - Patch 3.0 (V3.2) Updated

Diablo 2 - Patch 3.0 (V3.2) Updated


Diablo 2 - Patch 3.0 (V3.2) Updated Alot of work has gone into this patch over the last few weeks, we have been testing and getting feedback from many...

Diablo 2 - Patch 3.0

Diablo 2 - Patch 3.0

News 5 comments

Patch 3.0 is finally ready, after 1 year of hard work it is now ready for play! I hope you all have fun with it, it will be hard in the start but as you...

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