This mod is version 2.02 of Denton's SDK based enhancement. Some of the new features are: - New ultra quality yet highly scalable bloom shader with HDR like eye exposure with three variations. - This mod enables adding any number of particle effects and lights to weapons in a really easy way. New cool particle effects for muzzleflashes and weapon mods such as flashlight and laser sight etc. - Material based decals, particles and sound effects. - Denton's Ultra real stereo surround sound pack that takes advantage of new unified way of playing impact sounds. - New customizable tracer effects, all new Plama-railgun with cool railbeam effect. These features and lots of other improvements, I am really sure, will take your Doom 3 experience to a whole new level. This mod may also prove useful to mod makers as well as SP-map makers.

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nbohr1more says

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Gives Doom 3 a pair of balls.

I add the glprogs folder from the Ruiner Mod for extra bling but otherwise this is how Doom 3 should've felt to play. Powerful weapons and lots of extra gore effects. No wimpy cap-guns.


R_E_C_E_S_I_V_E says

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A great job Denton, I wish you'd return to do a v3 for the source code and include some of sikkmods capabilities. But I guess punk29 that designed the overthinked mod has already done that and much More.. lol but anyway I do hope you return! This mod is definitely one of a kind


maralieus81 says

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This mod is excellent. I tried Sikkmod with the wulfen textures and it looked nice, but had a bad stutter on my system unfortunately, even after tons of cfg altering and testing. I even had a little stutter with vanilla doom 3. So I decided to try this one and I'm so glad I did! Now I have 60 fps very consistently with very little stutter and pretty much no fps drops at all. Since I've only played 20 minutes to test it I can't say what other things are changed other than the flashlight is awesome now. SO much better. Keep up the great work,


punk0x29a says

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It's a shame that this mod has so little attention.
Weapon modifications are very cool ( useless pistol laser sight! yeah, it could've been replaced with some tactical flashlight, but it adds so much to the atmosphere I don't really know if it'd do much good )
Also, such simple things as ability to turn off the flashlight makes game WAY more immersive ( I always turn it off when talking with NPC's, since I can imagine how annoying it would be in the real life ;-)

At a first glance one can see how much work has been put into this mod developement. Very good work, mr. Denton!

I wish some day I'd see Dentons Enhanced Doom v.3 :)

P.S. Very well documented code allowed me to easily make my own modification on top of this mod, which goal is to tightly conform to the DooM^3 visual design. So far I made it just for myself in a few hours and without all those comments and hints it would take me a much, much longer time.
Thanks for this.


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