This is the story of Decancy:

A long time ago, men were blinded by richness and power, soon this led way to battles for supremacy, wars that would only cause death and desperation among the people...

However, there was a profecy that spoke of a revolution that was coming, brought by 8 men who weren`t men...

The 8 Keepers.

The keepers came, no one knew were they came from, it was said that they had come from a distant land, beyond the clouds and the Sun, but it was certain that they had come to save us all, and that that revolution would be called the MARCH OF TIME.

The Keepers, with the great knowledge they possesed, led the men and women to victory and to regain a kingdom that belonged to then.

After the revolution, 8 kingdoms were formed, one for each Keeper, so that we could have peace once more.

But it didn`t end there...

There was a Keeper, Jericho, that was entitled to Archon, the Middle Kingdom.
The Keepers were studying humans long before they came, but Jericho wanted to go one step further, he wanted to become one...

Jericho was fascinated with the human being, and soon he started strange experiments, in secret, afraid that the other 7 of his kind would stop him from discovering humans...

He soon became obssessed with his recearch, and with the years passing by, he became more and more obssessed, he started creating a strange machine, and, one night, he submited himself for the test.
He wanted to know how it felt to be human.

He walked into the machine, he was envolved in a sphere of lighting, then the machine powered off, 5 minutes passed and not a move, not even a small sound, then, a dark figure steps out of the machine, a disfigured man was created...

The experience had gone horribly wrong, he stepped outside, and looked at his mirror, Jericho was a new being, but he wasn`t human.

Knowing that the experience had gone wrong, one of his workers warned the other Keepers, and, needless to say, they weren`t happy with Jericho.
But Jericho was different now, he was mad, he tought that the Keepers were coming to take his kingdom and all he had away from him, and his knowing of ancient spells, knowledge of alchemy and of his former friends weaknessess enabled him to cast a spell to each of then, trapping then in another dimension for 50 years...

Has time passed by, Jericho became worst, more insane than before, he conquered the other kingdoms with his new army of beasts, that once were human.

I`m old, and they are coming to get me, i`m going to hide behind a wall and wait that he can now end this endless carnage.

Now, you`re trapped in a cell, rain is falling outside, a friend of you his a slave of Jericho making swords, armor and shields for the army of beasts, he has a good knowledge of alchemy too, he has been creating something in secret, but he`s too old for it now, so, without anyone knowing, he opens the door of your cell and gives you something that could turn the tide....

This is the profecy of Revolution, of your own destiny.

It`s time to dethrone tyranny.

Total Conversion
Single/coop multiplayer game.
Multiplayer levels
New title screen, loading screens, credits, etc...
One of the "badguys" has a split personality, helping you in one level and trying to kill you in another :$.
Big battle scene in the end (altough i doubt i can add many enemies in the level).
I will make the mod in a way, that you can add your own songs to the levels easily(this mod was meant to played with heavy metal songs).

Thanks to:
Szico VII - for his map source files,
master_ibonek - for his KOTOR stance mod
Inyri Forge - for the Medieval map objects (
Raven - for making this game(when will jk4 be released?)
LucasArts - you know what for
all the people in the Filefront gaming forums(Srenn Orj, ov_nab622, seancsnm, etc) - for helping me with the problems i had with the mod
richdiesal - for his great tutorials
Szico VI, Darth Norman, SithJCull, nab622, and others for making great maps and inspired me to make better maps.
The staff at JK3 Files, for the reviews of various maps and files.
A LOT of Heavy Metal, Power Metal and Progressive Metal (I wanted to make the game based on some heavy metal albuns)
My family and friends, Heavy Metal, and my dog for the support :).
I got some of the models in the pictures and videos from the map "DMonolith" created by: Dlegion, i don`t know who made most of the models, so i can`t get permission from then, thanks to who made the 3D models, they`re great.
If someone has a question about the models mail me to

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New engine possible


Hi guys, sorry for the delay, I actually have a lot of stuff to show you but I`m now considering moving to the free X-Real engine(the animations in JKA just can`t make this mod justice and I`m no coder).

In the last few months, a team of modders started a project with the X-Real engine that is set to be a unofficial sequel to JK, with Doom 3 like graphics, physics and a new, updated combat system.

Of course, I didn`t want to depend just on that game being completed but I`m no coder and a updated JK would really do this mod justice.

Anyway, maybe I`ll post some pics soon


keepers_of_artworx Creator

Hi people, yep I know I haven`t posted any news in a loong time but such a big project was slowing down my life.

It`s summer again and I'm strongly considering returning to the mod now that I learn't some new tricks.

And I will release an Decancy MP map too sometime this summer.

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So.... the mod died. I hope not... :(

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Is everything going well with the mod?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
keepers_of_artworx Creator

Hi, sorry for the delay.

Actually, a group of people are making a unofficial sequel to JK with the xreal engine and I`m now considering maybe to use that engine(the animations in JKA simply can`t do this mod justice).

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You're talking about Eltran? And wasn't the Xreal engine dropped by the team that developed it?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Nice.... BTW dvg94 why not we do Co-Op.. XD

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

jaa luek allebij nederlanders :)
zou cool kkunnen worden

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keepers_of_artworx Creator

Actually, i`m splitting the mod in two chapters, the first will be solo and the second, co-op.

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co-op something i always wanna have for jka
keep upo the good work

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