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Deadly Dragons by 3JIou

author special thanks for 3JIou



Deadly Dragons is a mod that aims to improve Skyrim's dragons fights. This mod is created for people who wish to increase the challenge provided by dragons fights. Main goal of the mod is to make dragons true to their power in lore. If a giant or a group of 3-4 bandits can take down a dragon, then there's no need for dragonborn.
Installing this mod you agree to participate in epic challenging battles with dragons. DD will provide you a great challenge where your strength, knowledge, wits and how cunning you are will decide if you survive the battle or be forgotten in the annals of Elder Scrolls. Utilize every skill and item at your disposal to survive the battle, feel the power and glory that you are the one and only in the Elder Scrolls world, who can survive dragon battle and kill the mighty beasts of legends.
Deadly Dragons besides increasing dragons fighting powers also aims to improve dragon content in the game. With each and every new version you can expect new content/tweaks/improvements. If you wish to have stronger dragons as well as NEW DRAGONS, with DIFFERENT shouts and DIFFERENT TEXTURES then this mod is just for you!

Overall changelog
base spell damage increased by 50%
melee damage increased by 30%
tail AoE damage increased by 50%
physical resistance (ie armor) added
spell resistance values changed
health pool doubled
fire dragons resistance changed (fire/frost/shock 65/25/33).
frost dragons resistance changed (fire/frost/shock 25/65/33).
ancient fire dragon can now summon flaming thrall for 6 sec.
ancient frost dragon can now use Iceform shout.
new dragons use textures created by Luddemann. Requires Deadly Dragons Texture Pack.
Swamp dragon added for characters level 30 and above. Abilities: Fireball while flying, Acid Breath on the ground. Counts as fire dragon.
Nether Drake added for characters level 36 and above. Abilities: Sonic Wave. Counts as fire dragon.
Wyrm added for characters level 45 and above. Abilities: Ice Storm while flying, Steam Breath on the ground. Counts as frost dragon.
Magma dragon added for characters level 45 and above. Abilities: Fire Breath and Meteor Storm. Counts as fire dragon.
Storm dragon added for characters level 45 and above. Abilities: Lightning Breath and Wall of Shock. His resistances: fire/frost/shock 20/20/65.
enchanted armor added (5% drop rate). Tytanis compatible.
dragons now drops soul shards, at the blacksmith you can convert 2 soul shards to filled black soul gem (under the Misc category).
Hard version
health pool tripled
overall damage increased average by 80%
nords and dunmers resistance reduced by 20%
Marked to death effect reduced
PISE Unleveled Dragons compatibility added.
Nexus Mod Manager modular installer added.
Change log
Version 1.8
ancient frost dragon: Iceform cooldown increased to 20 sec
storm dragon: Disarm replaced with Wall of Shock
storm dragon: Lightning Breath damage decreased
Version 1.7
Wyrm, Magma, Storm and Swamp dragons use new textures (thanks to Luddemann)
Storm dragon resistance changed (fire/frost/shock 20/20/65)
Disarm shout added to Storm dragon
Steam breath damage increased
Elder Nether Drake added
BOSS users: make sure any Deadly Dragons plugin is the last in the load order.
Download the mod with mod manager. Don't activate it yet! Restart mod manager, then activate the mod. It should work.©
Manual Installation for Deadly Dragons and Deadly Dragons Texture Pack
Locate the Data/ folder in your Skyrim installation directory. Typically it's found at Program Files/Steam/steamapps/common/skyrim/Data/.
Extract the contents of the downloaded archive file somewhere on your HDD. Open Deadly Dragons folder, select one of the four esp files.
DeadlyDragons.esp - Normal version of DD
DeadlyDragonsHard.esp - Hard version of DD
DeadlyDragonsPISE.esp - Normal version of DD with PISE mod
DeadlyDragonsHardPISE.esp - Hard version of DD compatible with PISE mod
Chose ONLY ONE file and then place it in the data folder of your Skyrim directory.
Extract the contents of the downloaded Deadly Dragons Textures Pack archive file somewhere on your HDD. Open Deadly Dragons Textures Pack folder, select meshes and textures folders and place them in the data folder of your skyrim directory.
When prompted to overwrite anything, click Yes to All.
Run Skyrim launcher, click Data Files, tick Deadly Dragons, tick load loose files, select ok.
Tip: If your Data Files in Skyrim Launcher is grey. You need to add [Launcher] bEnableFileSelection=1 at the TOP of the SkyrimPref.ini that is in your My Games folder (C:\...\My Games\Skyrim), NOT in the installation folder!
Newbie Tip: Its best to always first uninstall previous version of Deadly Dragons mod, before installing new one. To do that Double-click the Deadly dragons entry to deactivate it. Then after selecting DD entry use the X button on the upper left corner to remove the file from your HDD.
Remember that Deadly Dragons Texture Pack works only for dragons added by Deadly Dragons, that means you can use any dragon replacement texture packs you want without worrying that Deadly Dragons Texture Pack will change your default dragons textures.
Sorry for my English in comments and many thanks to xaturas for this awesome description.
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Looks great.

@bout a casual mode though... I'm not against it as an option (preferably a separate optional download); but it's not something that I would ever use myself.

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Haven't tried this but will soon, looks amazing.

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Can you try to make the same mod like this.
Only without that damage boots.
Cuz fighting with a Orc from lvl 31 is pretty hard.
Actully I was only running and blasting with Dragonrend when a dragon attacked me.
And even on the Easyest mode its terrible hard.
But i got to say its an awsome mod i love the textures of the new dragons.
But the powers too like the "Storm dragon"!
I love it!

PS: Srry about my bad english :)

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Agreed, there needs to be an 'Casual' mode of this Mod that keeps the health of the dragons, but reduces the insane damage they inflict.

At lvl 37 I get one shotted by almost attacks from a Ancient Fire Dragon. If I engage it in melee, it just bites me, then throws me, dead. If it attacks me with fire I literally will die 3 times over (Only got insane frost resistance on my Nord character); I gotta keep consuming loads of potions just to survive the blast.

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