The mod aims to incorporate fluff from the novels and otcreditsher media to Dawn of War while keeping balance in mind. At the moment here are the current changes I can think of throughout the 5 or more years of modding:


* New maps.
* Reworked mass for units, that way you won't see a huge unit like a Terminator flying due to a grenade.
* Reworked FX for some units (Blood Colour, etc.)
* Implemented Wargear System.
* Implemented New Army Painter System showing almost all units.
* Tons of graphical fixes (textures, fx, etc.)
* New units of course.
* New races: Tyranids and Daemons
* Merged races: Races from other mods merged with existing races. (Example: Black Templars and Grey Knights merged with Space Marines, Sisters of Battle merged with Witch Hunters)

NOTE: Some units from the DOWCommunity will not be added due to some reasons (unfinished model, an existing model is better, a certain unit will be overshadowed anyway, etc.)

Major Race Advantages aside from tons of new units:
Imperial Guard:

*Defensive Fortifications - The HQ and Infantry Command gain significant bonuses when fully garrisoned.
*Hold the Line - Infantry near buildings gain a defensive bonus to ranged and morale damage.
*Artillery Superiority - Basilisks now use the Earthshaker round as its main weapon after Full Scale War. Two new artillery abilities added.
*Doctrines - You can now choose between three regiments. One is focused on Mechanized combat while the other is on Infantry combat. The last one is a different flavor - Betrayal, Treason, Chaos, these trademarks define the Renegade Guard regiment. Different Infantry models are utilized for choosing a certain regiment.


*Dexterity - Infantry units near enemy troops lower their accuracy. Accuracy lowered depends on three factors: Basic Accuracy Loss, Elite Accuracy Loss, Commander Accuracy Loss. (Example: Guardians (Basic) engaged in close quarters will lower enemy accuracy but Banshees (Elite) will further lower their accuracy. Commander units will greatly lower the accuracy.
*Stealth - Eldar now have researches that allow infantry and vehicle units to infiltrate while not attacking enemies while near a Webway Gate.
*Enhanced Webway - Vehicle units can now use the Webway Gate to be transported across the map.
*From the Craftworld - Eldar squads come out fully reinforced but Eldar buildings are limited and reinforcing squads are more expensive.


*Marks of Chaos - You can choose between the 5 Marks of Chaos as well as 4 Traitor Legions. Each Mark has a different specialization so choose wisely.

Space Marines:

*Doctrines - You can choose between 6 different Doctrines: Codex Astartes, Legiones Astartes, Daemonhunters, Crusaders, Angelic Fury and Unforgiven.

Dark Eldar:

*Dexterity - (Same as Eldar)


*Mass Resurrection - Necron units can be revived across the entire map when the Necron Lord uses his ability. Necrons no longer revive by themselves (unknown bug that manifested over the years causes it to crash if enabled)
*Necrodermis - Necrons are now properly represented by their ability to repair themselves at an alarming rate.


*Teleportas - When a research is complete almost the entire ork infantry army can teleport across short distances.
*Bred for War - Orks heal at an alarming rate. Orks regain more health in combat.

Sisters of Battle:

(To be discussed)


(To be discussed)


*Doctrines - Choose between Empire or Exiles to further enhance your armies melee or ranged capabilities. Choose Empire and gain access to the mainstream and known Tau units, or choose Exiles to gain access to units created by the labs and factories of those who broke from the leash of the Greater Good. Choosing Kauyon or Mont'ka also enhance your melee and ranged capabilities to an even greater extent.

Tyranid Swarm:

(To be discussed)

Credits (in no particular order. Let me know if I missed someone):

* Hangar-8
* Closer to Codex Mod Team
* Thudmeizer
* LeonardGooG
* Cylarne (Lord_Doofus)
* RT2
* Cosmocrat
* Corncobman
* Knezekj
* Jones1979
* GreenScorpion
* Bagatur
* Boy_Chaos
* Karandras
* Catwell
* Winterdyne
* EvilIsador
* Warsmith
* Ironwarrior42
* Torzel
* DOW Community Map Makers
* Ultimate Apocalypse Mod Team
* Steel Legion Mod Team
* Renegade Guard Mod Team
* Tyranid Mod Team
* FoK/PoK Mod Team
* Witch Hunters Mod Team
* Inquisition Daemonhunt Mod Team
* Thousand Sons Mod Team
* Dark Prophecy Mod Team
* KWE Mod Team
* Salamanders Mod Team
* TTRU Mod Team
* Universum Mod Team
* Titanium Wars Mod Team
* DOWPro Mod Team
* DOW Kingdom Mod Team
* ZMS Mod Team
* Dawn of Coalescence Mod Team
* Dogs of War Mod Team
* Dark Angels Mod Team
* Eternal Confrontation Mod Team
* Lastly, the entire DOW Modding Community that made this great undertaking possible. I salute you.

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Horus Heresy Minimod Released!

Horus Heresy Minimod Released!

News 7 comments

On the release of the Horus Heresy Minimod, a word from the developer(s).

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Horus Heresy Minimod BETA. BUGGY BUT RELEASED! 0,o

Horus Heresy Minimod BETA. BUGGY BUT RELEASED! 0,o

Demo 47 comments

As promised a minimod of the Horus Heresy Mod. Getting busier nowadays. Uploading it in case I mysteriously disappear so that the files will be in the...

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Can we at least get Mk3 armor as addons? only one question

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Mod is great, you still working on it in 2022?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Hello, i have a question. How do you plan to implement the ideas of traitor and loyal legions/primarchs? because, well, there is 18 primarchs and legions of space marines.
Another thing, how many primarchs are going to be? By now there is Angron, but if you could implement one of the loyalist that would be really amazing already.
Thanks for your great work, keep it up and may the emperor guide you.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I would like the mod only for the adeptus Custodes (so that there was a separate race) and they would have their own commanders and units. And so they turned out norms in this fashion.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

I think there is a another mod in development for that.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

There was, however if I recall that mod ceased development.

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes

Yeah i was looking ath this mod a while back.Can't wait till it's released!!!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

Will the Custodes be featured in this mod? And more specifically, I assume this mod is diverging from that Horus Heresy sub-mod you put out a while back? Or are you still continuing on that project?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Whiteshield Creator

well yes of course they will. however in addition to the HH marines in this main mod, they will also be in my separate race HH marine so you can play them in Unification mod.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

I think there is going to be custodes. If you type in custodes dawn of war in google you will be brought to the images page of this mod.

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