• Higher resolution
  • bypass 25FPS limit
  • Treasure goblins
  • All features from PlugY
  • Spawn all missing Super uniques
  • Auto pickup gold within 3yard radius
  • higher /players cap
  • 89 new set items
  • 39 new runewords
  • 763 uniques
  • boots/belts/gloves can now roll sockets
  • more late game farming areas(ALvl 85 areas)
  • Act bosses and mini bosses always quest drop(no more annoying quest bugging)
  • fixed 1.13c LoD bug with the "no sound" command
  • Extreme late game cube recipes
  • Hellfire amulet crafting
  • Less annoying rune uping
  • Adjusted gamble rates (30% rare items)(1/500 set)(1/1000 unique)(30% to be difficulty tiered item)
  • More items to gamble
  • More rune farming options
  • More Uber key farming options
  • More mercenaries
  • Re-balanced mercenaries
  • 146 new item visuals
  • Higher stash gold cap
  • New super uniques
  • Higher TP and ID scroll stacking
  • Vanilla drop rates
  • A work-in-progress-holy-grail spreadsheet
  • 100% compatible going vanilla to modded(other way around will have problem still)
  • and more

Currently in Progress/Testing:

  • New rarity indicator. Included in 1.11, to be extended and improved for more items later
  • New Class item bases. Assassin Cowls, etc...
  • More runewords/set/unique items
  • Better Speadsheet with more information on rolls.
  • New misc items. These would be used in recipes.
  • New zones? Playing around with the idea of using the new misc items to cube portals to special extreme late game zones or targeted farming zones. EG. The zone would have a better rune drop rate.
  • Possible site hosting? This would replace the awkward spreadsheet with a dedicated website

Note: D2SE version does NOT support multires. It will only work with a full mod install.

For any feedback please feel free to leave a comment here on moddb

join the discord at Discord.gg Discord users can also get access to PTR builds

or mail me at duckquack.t@Gmail.com


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Grail 1.11

Grail 1.11

Full Version 5 comments

This patch brings; Many fixes, higher stash gold cap, higher tp/id cap, Key drop rebalance, new super uniques for the now ALvl 85+ zones, 3 new mercs...

Grail1.11 fix

Grail1.11 fix

Patch 1 comment

This fixes a crash with 1.11 un-equiping set items and changes the titles of a5 mercs. As well as another small fix.

Grail 1.08

Grail 1.08

Full Version 5 comments

-Balance changes -More features(bypass 25fps SP limit) -more items(5) and visuals for items(149) -fixes for small gameplay bugs and visual glitches Full...

Grail 1.03

Grail 1.03

Full Version 1 comment

1.03 Public - Added D2MultiRes.mpq to the D2SE version - Fixed assertion d2hell error D2SE D2SE version crashes on exiting. This is caused through the...

Grail 1.01

Grail 1.01

Full Version 7 comments

1.01 -Added D2SE Support -Removed some unnecessary PlugY txt files Known issues -ingame version text is not up to date



Full Version 4 comments

Installation: Backup your game and your saves. Copy and replace everything from the "Normal Install" folder to your Diablo 2 directory. Launch from the...

Comments  (0 - 10 of 53)

can i find torch uniq?

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
DarkquakeD2 Creator

Yes, although there was a particular version where it was bugged. Unsure if this is a live bug or not.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Thanks a lot for this, I'm having a blast so far. Awesome mod.

Is there a list with the new added items ? Been looking for this for a while but never found it.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
DarkquakeD2 Creator

I didn't want to start a documentation of items while I was actively adding and changing them.

A lot of items have gone through multiple phases and changes that would have made documentation a painful process and ultimately more confusing for the end user. I've gotten to what I feel is a pretty good place on my internal build now, so I've just started documentation recently.

This is one of if not the most requested feature so it's basically the highest priority and the last thing I need to resolve before a 2.00 release.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

I really love your mod, it's one of my favorites.
The only things I'd add to it would be a larger inventory and maybe fully equipable mercenaries.
Keep doing your awesome work, you rock!

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
DarkquakeD2 Creator

Both of these are actually done on my internal build.
If you'd like to grab a test copy of it before it goes live your welcome to check out the discord where I have most test builds.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Dear sir,

This mod is locely. I think this is the best vanilla+ mod. Just true to the game. No strange over the top-stuff etc

I emailed you about the medianxl sigma engine probably be useful.

However, I've some other small stuff as feedback.

1. I think the merc and golems are bugged. They tend to 'lag' a bit behind.
2. I believe you could add or alter some skills. Like giving Bone Spear more spears but decrease the damage a bit. So its more useful for pvm
3. Also perhaps change psn dagger to psn teeth or so.
4. Releasing a runeword text file. Lots of us want to use the new rws.
5. The goblins are really hard to kill or take the portal too soon in normal

I am just in nightmare at the moment so I've lots to explore, haha

Thank you for this vanilla+ mod. It already feels like a expansion

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Oh and also the merc aura bug exists. I believe it was fixed in 1.13D or 1.14

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Found the runewords. It was hidden in a url in the readme on the bottom <3

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
DarkquakeD2 Creator

Had a look over the median sigma engine it looks neat but I'm pretty happy with where it's at right now. As to your points;

1. This is just diablo 2 1.13x, I haven't changed the process of golems at all.
2. Skills as a whole is something I want to play around with and re-balance/re-work however in this particular mod I don't want to stray to far from a vanilla experience. I'd love to do this some time though.
3. Same as 2.
4. I see you found the runewords anyway but I am working on documentation for all of the mod currently, this should make it much easier to access this information.
5. Goblins have been tweaked and tweaked and tweaked. I think they're on change 6 or 7 in my current build where I feel they are a lot better, but please do let me know after the next release.

Merc aura bug exists here yes, bit of a pain but much harder to fix than anticipated. The current work around is to load all the aura gear onto the merc then start a new game so all aura's get initiated at the same time. On the to-fix list but low priority right now.

Thank you for the feedback!

Reply Good karma+1 vote
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