Daemons Mod - Official Stand Alone Race For Dawn of War Soulstorm Description: This mod will be adding the Daemons race to Dawn of War: Soulstorm. The Demons race will be created to bring forth the most viscous of demonic forces unlike Chaos, and their power of 100% daemonic domination will be witnessed in this mod. The Daemons race focuses on the creation of all demons, and all demons will be within this mod. All new units, structures, abilities, new design of gameplay (epic gameplay that's for sure), art, ai, upgrades, and a complete race alone will be forged by our hands. The Demons mod Team combined with the Apocalypse mod Team will bring you a final breath-taking discovery and demonstrate to you one of the final epic races of Dawn of War 40K.

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I LOVE IT! The double voices are awesome!

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OMG this is super :D

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Jazz-Sandwich Creator

I like the approach, however I think that you could get away with a voice with not quite as high a pitch. The current version sounds very clearly synthesised, whereas a lower pitch would approximate a more natural pitch better. For example:


That version is just a sample with pitch altered and some very slight cleanup.

While I don't usually like the phrase 'less is more', in this instance I feel that the amount of effects applied may be a bit much. Perhaps the echo could be toned down a bit?

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Lord_Cylarne Author

Yo... nice. How did you apply that pitch, bro without the obvious "squeak" if you catch my drift? :)

Less echo will do.

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I totally agree with you, Jazz. Let's hope they will follow your suggestion :)

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E X C E L L E N T !!!!

Yeap, we have a winner here :)

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Kim Impossible
Kim Impossible

Oooooook, a bit creepy, but ok. :D

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Thanks to Thudmeizer and his squadron of voice actors, he has made pretty much tons of all voices needed in Dawn of War! Thanks to his buddies and ladies, voices like these are in game to be heard! Now they just need a proper FX! I have provided for now the Keeper of Secrets and hope to expand the voices through all Daemon VOs that needs proper tune ups and tweaks here and there to make them absolutely daemonic!

Feedback required. Like or dislike, improvements, etc... I hope to do this up for these following voices:
- Daemon Lord / Prince (again, I want to make it right!!!!)
- Keeper of Secrets
- Furies
- Lost Soul
- Remake the entire VOs' for defiler variants.
- Nurgle Herald
- Daemonettes and Greater Daemonettes
- Other VOs I come across when playing Daemons.

So maybe in the future Daemon mod patches you will see these updates come in! Enjoy!

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