Mod makes a few artifacts stronger. Also it changes some spells and traits. Less racical traits, but more perks, and artifacts. Also you can enchance your companions - Fang(Young bear), Ernesto, and a Golem.

How to install:
1. Open your lionhert folder, where files lionheart.exe and data.dat located;
2. create there folder named "Data"
3. Open data.dat with 7zip or winrar;
4. Unpack content of Data.Dat into Data folder, which you created during step 2;
5. Move file Data.dat to any another folder (do not delete);
6. Make copy (or better archive file) of folder "Characters";
7. Delete folder "Characters".
7a.If you a played with character of human race, or Fire/Ice sylvant, you may just delete all other characters, keeping folder;
8. Open folder "Data\resources\", and delete there folders "Skills", "Traits" and "Preexistig Characters";
9. Unpack content of mod.7z into game folder (replacing existing files);
10. Finaly finished. Can play now;

How to uninstall:
1. Delete Folders "Data", and "Characters" in Lionheart folder;
2. Move file Data.dat from folder which you selected in step 5 into game folder;
3. Recover characters folder from archive that you made during 6th step of the installation;

- Some dialogs now on russain language (Grand inquisitor, Esteban, English knight, most companions...);
- Some items can be upgraded if you are not inquisitor (by kathar, in Montailou);

- Players can upgrade AI companions (Bear, Ernesto, Golem), and give them potions if they injured;
- All demons (bosses) got much stonger, especially Aka-Manna;
- Removed Divine and Thought defensive magic, and its spells moved to other magic trees;
- Few artifacts got stonger;

- Poisoning enemies do much more damage;
- Barcelona Guards in siege are stronger than in game start;
- In a Crypt dead knights don't hurts by poison and disease;
- Only 5 racical traits left for each race;
- Names of some monsters (Snake woman, dogs) changed;
- Dogs in Alamut and goblins becomed stronger;

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More Bugs Fixed


That is all. On screenshot you also may see a battle between 2 players and bear, versus many ogres, guarding Aka-Manna's Lair. Aka-Manna becomes VERY strong in 7th version of mod.
About bugs:
5th version could crash in Monserat, or plains - I wrong writen names of artifacts, that I placed there.
6th version... I olready don't remember why it could crash, but I still reuplodaded this file.

Bug discovered and fixed

Bug discovered and fixed

News 1 comment

I am big sorry to all who downloaded compact skill 0.5 There was problem in a zelgadis's profile, so game could crash while starting. Now file updated...

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Compact Skill mod v0.8 eng

Compact Skill mod v0.8 eng

Full Version 1 comment

Compact Skill mod Eng - reduces White magic Skills from 4, to 3; allows player to upgrade companions and few artifacts; adds amulets, perks, and reduces...

Compact Skill mod v0.8

Compact Skill mod v0.8

Full Version 2 comments

This mod for russian version of the game, however it consists russian fornts, so it should work on all languages. Conformed, that mod working under polish...

Compact Skill v0.7

Compact Skill v0.7

Full Version 4 comments

Wellcome. This is readme file of CSMod version 0.7 for Lionheart. This mod for russian version of the game, however it consists russian fornts, so it...

Compact Skill v0.6

Compact Skill v0.6

Full Version

Mod developed... Added Enchancement of LWG (Golem), Reduced racical traits, fixed 2 bugs of 0.5 version. Also Guards in Barcelona becomed few stonger...

Compact Skill v0.5

Compact Skill v0.5

Full Version

This mod is on russian language, but this file consists fonts, so it can work even in english version (however all skills, most magic items, few dialogs...

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Работа над модом прекращена?

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У мода интригующий функционал, но из-за ошибки не получается сыграть. Вылетает сразу после побега от работорговцев.

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Evenmore Creator

Такой баг вроде бы был в версии от фаргуса. У тебя она есть?

Reply Good karma+1 vote

I'm trying a way how to understand this mode, to perhaps translate parts of it and also change some stuff.

Anyone knows how to access and edit the .rpg file, and the .zax containers? There were edited but I can't edit them in text editor.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

It's great, that someone is still modding this game... pity it's that underrated, it's a great game.
I'd like to ask tho... would it be possible to translate those russian parts to english? Or at least convert (or how to say it)the cyrillic into latin?
The mod looks really nice, tho the cyrillic/russian language makes it kinda difficult to understand.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Evenmore Creator

Thanks for a comment, but no. All texts are fully implemented in changed game files, I even failed to use good Fargus russian translation (were used 1C), so game texts are not best even for Russia. I can only advice you to play in cooperative mode with someone who can understand russian language. Some bosses becomed much stronger, so it simpler to beat Aka Manna in team.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

I saw the Torquemada Divine Boon perk in the compressed file of your mod v0.7. You even edited that file. How to get that perk from Torquemada?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Evenmore Creator

I played inquisition side only at once. There are unused quest to kill wired woman in a game. This perk should be given after killing her. For now it unreachable.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Ah,Thank you friend! I really appreciate the fact that you replied back. And yes, I can completely understand that modding isn't as simple as it may seem. Its a tedious process. Even I tried to edit perks and traits and tried to make some of my own but it gave me a headache, modding the game has much more than that! Anyway you do whatever you think is best, good luck :) And yes you are right, an English version of the mod isn't worth all the effort. (This is the same person who asked about the English version of the mod earlier)


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Evenmore Creator

Sorry for long non-answering, friend. Much later, I'll make 0.8 version, and there will be full english readme file, which will explain, what means each change (all changes, as you can see are on russian).

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