This mod occupies time periods between Fourth (1202-1204) and Fifth (1217-1221) Crusades. It starts at 1206 and lasts till 1217. Like warriors of that war, you must choose who will you fight with and who will evantually take control over the Holy lands during the Crusades!

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arduus says

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I have just downloaded and will start to play now, but wanted to give 10 points for the developers who shared their resources with the community so that many other mods could benefit from them.

Edit: As I suspected, it is not a complete project, the devs probably shared the last working version for the other modders. Too bad they decided to cancel it, though it looks quite ambitious, there are many good ideas.


this was should made by taleworlds like viking conquest
this should be a dlc ! or dlc of bannerlord !!!

Dead, and unfinished mod.




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The mod was going to be a fantastic mod, but the developers gave up. So because half of their dev team left they just uploaded what they had and are saying there will be a mod for bannerlords though.


Although this is clearly a Pre-Alpha build that has a lot of bugs and missing contents, I'm actually quite happy we're given the chance to take a look at what the CWE team has done.


alexnumeritos says

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