Covert Forces is a "light" realism mod for Unreal Tournament. What does this mean? That you can run around with real world guns, but not worry about slowing down, or stamina, or other silly things.

Game Types:

  • C4 Arnie: Recreate the classic fight scenes from various action films as armed with the M249 SAW you fight an endless supply of randomly equipped bots. The game ends when you hit the death limit (the frag limit).
  • C4 LMS: Allows you to play last man standing with Covert Forces weapons.


  • KaBar Melee: Gives the KaBar Knife.
  • C4 Mute:
  • You start with either MK23 & MP5SD or M9 & M1Thompson. Every item replaced.

  • C4 WW2 Mute:
  • You start with only the M1911a1. Every item replaced.

  • Suicide Match: Everyone starts off with a Kamikaze Vest.
  • C4 Loaded Mute: Removes all weapons and health from the map and you start with them all, along with a helmet and kevlar vest.
  • M67 - Hand Grenade: You start with five grenades.
  • C4 NVG: All players spawn with a pair of night vision goggles.
  • C4 Dark Match: Put your NVGs to good use as all players spawn with a pair of night vision goggles and most of the lights in the level have been disabled.

Weapon Physics:
In Covert Forces firearms are capable of penetrating through objects (players, walls or otherwise) or may ricochet when striking an object at a shallow angle. The damage dealt by each shot depends on how far the shot has penetrated and whether it has ricochetted.

Recoil is simulated in two ways, first when firing a weapon your aim will be forced upwards after each shot (by how far depends on the power of the gun in use) and secondly sustained fire will reduce the accuracy.

There are three damage locations on the player, the head (damage to which is tripled), the body (normal damage) and the legs (normal damage but being hit in the legs momentarily slows you down).

A silenced weapon can only be heard firing by the person using it, all other weapon noises, such as reloading, can be heard as normal.

All firearms have a specific magazine capacity and must be reloaded when this is empty (use the preferences menu to bind a key for reloading). When you reload a firearm the first round is chambered, so if we had a ten round magazine there'd nine rounds left in the magazine plus the one in the chamber. If you reload again, an additional round is placed in the magazine to bring it up to maximum capacity again.

Featured Weapons/Items:
It's suggested you install WoRM (Weapon/object Replacement Mutator) to allow you to pick and choose the weapons you wish to play with from the extensive selection.
[list]:de: Melee

  • Ka-Bar: USMC combat knife
  • :de: Pistols

  • CA 3800: Custom 1911 by Casull Arms
  • CZ-52: Czech military issue handgun
  • Desert Eagle: Infamous Israeli high powered handgun
  • Five-seveN: FN's high tech handgun
  • Glock 17: Popular Austrian pistol
  • M9: Beretta M9, standard sidearm for the US Army
  • M9SD: Silenced M9
  • M1911a1: Classic US military handgun
  • MK23: H&K military handgun
  • MK23SD: Silenced MK23
  • :de: Sub-Machine Guns

  • M1 Thompson: Early military SMG
  • MAC10: Compact SMG
  • MP5A5: H&K's famous SMG
  • MP5K: Compact version of the MP5
  • MP5SD: Silenced version of the widely used SMG by H&K
  • P90: Powerful SMG by FN
  • TMPSD: Silenced Steyr TMP
  • :de: Rifles

  • AK5: Modified Swedish version of the FN FNC assault rifle
  • AK47: Former Russian military assault rifle
  • AKMSU: Silenced carbine AK47
  • Aug: Bullpup assault rifle by Steyr
  • Browning Automatic Rifle: Long serving US light machine gun
  • CETME: Spanish assault rifle, precursor to the H&K G3
  • Dragunov SVD: Russian sniper rifle
  • G3: H&K assault rifle, deriative of the CETME
  • G36c: Carbine H&K assault rifle
  • G36k: H&K assault rifle
  • FAL: Widely used assault rifle made by FN
  • M1aSD: Silenced sniper version of M14
  • M1 Garand: US military rifle
  • M4: Carbine M16a2
  • M14: US military rifle
  • M16a2: Standard US army assault rifle
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    Covert Forces v1.0

    News 6 comments


    Non-UMOD Mirrors: 7 Mbs
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    C4 alphas and old betas

    C4 alphas and old betas

    Full Version

    This is older versions of the covert forces mutator, the older versions possesses a few weapons that aren't featured in Covert Forces like the barret...

    Covert Forces v1 (RAW)

    Full Version 7 comments

    Covert Forces (C4) v1, Non-Umod version.

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    Where the hell is v4?

    Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

    It's in the alphas and betas archives.
    Version 1 was the final, but the others were older versions and contain some unique weapons on their own

    Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

    How do you take off the stupid "crosshair moves up when i shoot" thingy? its anoying! i want the damn crosshait to stay centered when i shoot! not frickin move up! it would be allright if it just moves up and then comes back to the middle, but its doesnt so! boooo! good mod ruined!

    Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

    you can use stuffswaper or worm to replace ut weapons with c4 or any mutators weapons and such

    Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

    I agree with Jerkakame, this mod is supposed to be realistic.

    Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

    light realism means something with very little realism. It's just real weapons without much things around aside of recoil and reloads

    Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

    Its better that way, if you keep shooting at the target, and then stop. It stays there, if it should have done like you said, the crosshair would end up looking down on the floor, like the machinegun in quake 2.

    Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

    just use stuffswaper or worm to get all the good stuff :)

    Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

    awesome mod.Night Vision Goggles mode is SCARY!

    Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

    try that in a zombie co-op match....

    sadly that doesn't work :'(

    Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
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