Presenting the CornCobMod or the CornCobMan's FunMod (I'm really creative and original with names you see).

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Oh hello I'm Hollow and got my seal of aproval 10/10. Would lulz again.

Welcome from Relic News... =3 =D =P XD

How have I not given this mod a review yet?

This mod adds so, so much to the DOW experience. The community has a lot of extra content to play with, but with corncobmod all of these extra units are incorporated into the factions with manifest thoughtfulness.

Shared caps, abilities, sharing of some researches and not others all show that some thought went into what each and every addition adds to the combined whole of a faction. And this makes the mod work wonderfully.

Then there's the winconditions. Good lawd the winconditions. You can customise your DOW experience to whatever the hell you want...tweaking the stats of whatever the hell you want. Plus, the victory points wincondition remains to this day my favourite in any DOW incarnation. It just makes critical points more...substantial and flexible, given that the classic 'take and hold' condition is an all-or-nothing defend for a static length of time.

All in all...I fricking love this mod.

Review? Well imo, this mod inspired me for the longest time. This mod I played before FOK, and whilst I was a noob during the vanilla SS times, Corncobman's Fun Mod was the heart of everything that introduced me into modding. Then Krronus's Apocalypse mod.

10/10 also for complete vanilla balance and gameplay is one of the best thereof.


First! Welcome on moddb, Brother Corncobman!


This is well a balanced mod, yet its growing bigger and bigger with every update. I can play this mod for weeks because is really fun, not only that! but I can play this mod against the campaign 2.

As my Both Friend said,Cool mod... :D

Cool mod.


10 to brother Corn!

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Oh hello I'm Hollow and got my seal of aproval 10/10. Would lulz again.

Mar 18 2013 by Hollow4thewat