This mod (wip) re-images Halo Wars into what it should've been and go even beyond that. This mod will push the game to its limits and have new game modes, modified maps, units, buildings, mechanics and much more.

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Halo Wars Flood Mechanic IV allows Flood to fuse its units into stronger and bigger units.

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Infection Forms can combine with each other and other Flood forms to create stronger Flood variants. 20 Infection Forms are the minimum number for a Fusion to occur. Fusion Requirements: Flood Tier 2 (Infect 30 Units) Desired Flood units selected and grouped closely Infection Forms present in selected group Press J Key

Fusion Chart (IF* = INFECTION FORMS)

Abomination = 320 IF

Juggernaut = 160 IF

Tank, Stalker, Ranged Form = 80 IF

Thrasher, Root = 40 IF

Carrier, Infester= 20 IF

**Values subject to change and more Flood Units to be added in the future.

If a Fusion occurs between a Unit Tier, the closer the IF* value is closer next Fusion Stage, experience is added. (Ex. Flood Fusion value of 39 IF* would result in 3 Star Infester)

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