Did it annoy you how TimeSplitters 2's pistols basically have the same stats across the board? Were you frustrated with grenade spam from the Soviet S47 or Plasma Autorifle? Did you hate the Scifi Handgun in Arcade for its low damage and self-damaging ricochets? When you hosted game nights with friends, was there always that one guy who picked the Monkey when you said, "No small characters!"

If so, Competitive Rebalance is the TS2 mod for you!

This mod takes the overall balance of the game's Arcade Mode and reworks it to be fairer across the board. Small characters are replaced with unused characters of medium or large height, ensuring that nobody will dodge your bullets effortlessly as Robofish! The TNT now lets you carry 5 bombs at once, giving it more utility beyond a single use Timed Mine alternative. Speaking of utility, the Gun Powder now has an explosive secondary fire that can ignite its powder trails, making it a dangerous tool for setting traps!

If it's in Arcade Mode, this mod has reworked it in one way or another. Dam and Wild West are available in Deathmatch modes. Thief has teamplay as an option. The Desert Eagle, Mox Weapon, Silenced Lugers, and all other locked guns have been restored and given special stats. Pistol Ammo can go higher, S47 Grenades and Plasma Grenades are slower & limited to 10 shots, and the Scifi Handgun gets damage boosts along with a full-auto fire mode.

On top of this, all characters are unlocked by default. You'll need to unlock modes and maps in a new save game, but all of the weapons here should work in Story Mode and Arcade League. A text document listing all changes to the game, like the crosshair being active on most weapons, is included with the patch. No texture mods are needed for this, so it should play the same on an emulator or a console.

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TimeSplitters 2 has been praised for its fun and endlessly entertaining Arcade Mode, and it still holds up well today! However, it still has cheap tactics to exploit and unfun characters to fight. Competitive Rebalance seeks to rectify those issues by modding its characters and weapons!

Did you hate fighting small characters, like the Monkey and Robofish? Worry no longer! They've been rendered inaccessible. In their places are normally unusable characters like X-Ray Skel and Gasmask Special. Some have gotten new names, like the Story Mode Sentryboy and a few NeoTokyo Pedestrians. Now everyone you fight will be at medium height or larger!

Guns that are too similar have been given more distinct stats. The Pistols all fill distinct roles - the Silenced Pistol has the largest magazine at 10 rounds, the Luger Pistol deals more damage than its counterparts, and the Silenced Luger shoots the fastest. The Vintage Rifle functions differently than the modern Sniper Rifle, boasting a faster fire rate and larger magazine at the cost of less accuracy and slower bullets.

Other guns have gotten total overhauls or new abilities. The Desert Eagle uses the distinct roar of the TS1 Mauser Pistol, deals more damage than the Garrett Revolver, and can zoom in...but its slower fire rate will force you to choose your shots more wisely. The Gun Powder can ignite its own trails with a slow but explosive alternate fire, making it terrific for setting traps for your enemies!

Like my other mods, this also restores cut content and enables some new features for Arcade Mode. Dam and Wild West are unlocked in Arcade. Thief mode allows for teamplay instead of being every man for himself. The Mox Weapon and other hidden guns are available by default. Plus, all characters start out unlocked!

No texture mods are needed for this to play as intended. You can load it up in Dolphin Emulator without issues. Or, if you want to go the extra mile, you could try burning it to a disc and playing it on a GameCube console. Your TS2 splitscreen deathmatches will never feel the scourge of Monkeys spamming Soviet S47 grenades ever again!

Special thanks to the TS Modding Discord for providing feedback on the mod. I hope you all enjoy it as well! The mod was fun to work on and balance out. It reminded me of why I enjoyed TS2's multiplayer so much.


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TS2 Competitive Rebalance Mod

TS2 Competitive Rebalance Mod

Full Version

Includes the Competitive Rebalance patch, info on its balance changes, and a README on installing the mod.

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