This mod is set in the present day, based on an alternate course of history. Germany had discovered a new technology that would allow dead bodies to be reanimated and put to use, or at least have their brains put to use. Thus, upon entering World War Two, they had not been defeated by 1945. Instead, they went on to conquer all of Russia, Great Britain and parts of North Africa.

In this mod, infantry play a much bigger role as vehicles become more specialized. Example, tanks are now useful only against other tanks and light vehicles but can become bogged down by infantry. There will also be no map revealing powers available so emphasis must be placed on scouting units. This is especially true for China, as it is the key to their heavy artillery usage.
Players will now have to play based on the map and the specific terrain advantages. This is because vehicles now move more like their real-life counterparts and may get jammed up at chokepoints or simply not be able to move effectively.
Vehicles will also behave differently. Tanks will no longer have their machinegun like reloading speeds as they had in ZH. Instead a player might have to wait about 3 to 8 seconds for a reload, depending on the tank. Tanks are also planned to have switchable shell types to engage different targets. Example, armor-piercing rounds for tanks and vehicles, high explosive rounds for engaging structures or groups of infantry. Almost all tanks will also be equipped with machineguns, however, their effectiveness against different targets will vary. For example, heavy machinegun on the Chinese Type 101 MBT will be less effective against infantry due to its slow rate of fire, but more effective against light vehicles.
Infantry will be very versatile and have a variety of special abilities. For example, German Infantry are slow moving but they can take more hits than any other. In addition, they will also be able to “overcharge” which grants them a temporary armor bonus. China’s infantry will be able to dig in and hide on the map, granting them stealth but not allowing them to move. More such abilities are currently being planned.
Base defences will no longer be able to detect stealth. All factions will instead be given a uniquely styled watchtower type of structure to build. This structure functions as a stealth detector and also grants a small fire rate bonus against targets it highlights.
All superweapons will now function differently. Instead of causing large amounts of damage to bases, they are now more tactical. They can be used to strategically destroy specific structures or cause disruption to the player’s base in some form. Example is the China superweapon. It is a giant railway gun that fires a single shell at the enemy base. This shell functions like a combination of the EMP bomb and the neutron bomb. It will kill any infantry in the radius as well as disable buildings and structures. The German Superweapon fires a volley of rockets at the targeted area. However, instead of simply scattering, the rockets will land wherever the player is currently targeting, similar to the Particle Cannon, in terms of operation.
There are plans for a reworking of the supply gathering system for all factions. Some of these are purely visual in nature. Example, the German faction will gather supplies by building a carrier unit instead of a supply dock. This will function as a mobile drop-off point for supplies.
Power generation will also be changed. The PAC, for example, also requires power (unlike the GLA). They will not build powerplants, instead most of their buildings can be upgraded to have mini-generators. So a player fighting the PAC will not have a centralized power-generation area to target but the PAC player must also think smart about which buildings he wants to place his power generators on.
There will also be neutral units on certain maps, depending on the scenario and these units may guard tech buildings or appear in urban centres. They will usually attack the player's units on sight.


Subsides: Blitzkrieg, Iron Legion, Death Hand
Blitzkrieg is a fast-moving, assault faction specializing in mobility and firepower, however, they lack good base defence.
Iron Legion is a slow-moving, balanced faction that specializes in strong armoured units, however they suffer from poor mobility.
Death Hand is a commando legion that specializes in stealth tactics and ambushes.

PAC is a low-tech, first generation army. They utilize somewhat outdated weaponry and combat techniques. Originally created to defend Africa and the Middle East, they are ill-equipped for all-out combat. However, their unorthodox tactics can sometimes provide a useful advantage.

China uses armour and heavy artillery. They are masters of guns of all types. They are most suited to long-drawn out battles and can typically outlast most opponents with their strong defensive power. They can rain down heavy artillery anywhere on the map that is revealed.

USA is based on modern day police and crisis response teams. As the USA does not have a proper army in my mod, they instead have an equilibrium-esque police force. Their units are all very versatile and most can perform multiple functions. Example is the APC, which can be upgraded to have fireports, AA, AT, Stealth Detector or Artillery functions. However, their units are not heavily armoured and thus should not be used head-on with other factions.

All factions are planned to have three total subsides, however, for China, PAC and USA, these subsides are not finalized yet.

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RSS Articles

Apologies for lack of updates! The team, especially CoLT, has been very busy these past months. However, I (InsurgentCeLL) discussed with the rest of the team, and we've decided to update you guys on the current changes in Lore and models.
First of all, I don't believe we properly introduced the new member of our team (Though he's been active for the past year or so): Kalga.
Kalga is our writer, and has since re-written most of the lore of Reischmarch. If you have any questions on the story, he'll be happy to answer them.

The 20th century could be rightly called "the century that Germany shaped", for no other country affected the fate of the world as much as the nation of Germany did. Through fair means and foul, the Germans managed to carve the largest empire the world has ever seen, stretching from the Atlantic to the Pacific, from the frozen wastes of then tundra to the deserts of Africa, the German empire fears no power under the sun.

The Decade of Turnarounds, the 1930s

The early 1930s were a terrible of the nation of Germany, its economy wrecked by the fallout from the American stock market crash and saddled with reparations that it could not possibly pay. The streets were filled with fighting between right and left wing gangs. The country needed a savior, someone who is not from the current crop of old politicians and generals who lead the country into the ruin that it is in now.

What the German people got was far different than that.

On June 5 of that year, the country woke up to the sudden news of a coup. In the days and weeks that followed, the full story came out: that a cabal of industrialists, supported by certain units of the army and police, had overthrown the government and established themselves as the new head of the German state. Promising order, stability, and prosperity, the cabal, now calling itself the Hierarchy, laid out their plan for the German people. Acceptability was not that easily achieved, however and riots and gang clashes continued right through the year, but as the Hierarchy repel each attack on their authority and came out stronger each time, the German people gradually came to accept their new overlords.

As 1933 came, the Hierarchy began their long term plan to revitalize the German nation. Even at that point in time they never had any intention to raise the living standards of the German people or anything noble like that, as they were simply trying to expand German, and thus their own, power and influence. Very quickly however, they were forced to face the reality of their situation; that they have to give at least a token gesture of raising the standards of living lest the people themselves decide to align with the Communists or other fringe political parties. So slowly, the country hobbled back to a semblance of prosperity. The recovery was still too slow for the likes of the Hierarchy, but barring a miracle, it appears that there is no other option.

Then, in 1939, a miracle was delivered.

The project itself, a fusion of Human Mobility Mechanism Project 771 and Trans-life Activity Project 616, was undertaken at the request of the Hierarchy to find another source of labor that is not from the citizen population. While the individual projects were only partial successes, a fusion of the two projects in 1938 under the direction of Dr. Spieler made the combined project into a success. Now the Hierarchy has a source of labor that needs no rest, no food, no entertainment, no [political] voice yet works tirelessly 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.

The Hierarchy's grand plan can begin in full now.

Quietly, factory workers were laid off all over the country as the MPK (Marionette Puppe Körper) fills their places. To deal with the rising unemployment, the Hierarchy drafted all able bodied men into the Wehrmacht and promoted the Kinder, Küche, Kirche concept among the German womenfolk. Despite the blatant violations of the Treaty of Versailles, the western democracies failed to act militarily or economically, as they were too mired into their own economic problems to deal with what they perceived as a group of upstarts. By 1940, the German GDP was largest it has ever seen in its history and the army was larger than the combined militarizes of all its neighbors. Now with an army larger than even the most rabid general could have dreamed of, and a labor force that will never tire or revolt.

Germany is ready to seize her destiny on the world stage.

Standard Tactical Defense (STD) Emplacement: In modern times almost all of the Wehrmacht’s defenses for forward field bases rely on these simply emplacements. While the basic emplacement appears to be little more than a reinforced concrete foundation, underneath the structure lies a 4.5 generation MPK assisted computer, which can be connected to various different weapon systems. This system allows for the rapid construction and deployment of a variety of defenses for complete defense against modern combine arms tactics.

– Anti-infantry turret mount: Armed with two MG42 7.9mm machineguns, the Anti-infantry turret can shred mass concentrations of infantry in a matter of minutes. However, the weapon is near useless against most armored vehicles and cannot target aircraft effectively due to its light frame and mounting, as well as the lack of advance guidance systems.

– 8.8cm Anti-vehicle/anti-air turret mount: composed of an update of the fabled 8.8cm FlaK cannon fitted with autoloader and advance range finding equipment, the Anti-vehicle/anti-air turret can dispatch most vehicles and aircrafts with ease. Be advised, due to the nature of the autoloader and the types of ammunition involved, the turret cannot engage both aircraft and ground targets at the same setting. Switching between anti-air/anti-ground settings takes approximately five seconds, during which the turret cannot fire at any targets.

- 12.8cm Anti-vehicle/anti-air turret mount: Similar to the 8.8cm FlaK turret, with the main difference in the mounting of a modernized 12.8 cm FlaK 40. The 12.8 cm FlaK 40 can destroy the heaviest bombers and tanks with ease. The 12.8cm FlaK 40 turret has the same disadvantage as its lighter counterpart, mainly the amount of time (seven seconds) it takes to switch between anti-air/anti-ground roles.

SdKfz 205 Panzerkampfwagen VIII Ausf.D Maus: First produced during the waning days of WW II, the SdKfz 205 has for over five decades served as the hammer of the Heer, used in cases of breakthrough or mobile defense. Even, today, the Maus is still the largest combat vehicle in the Heer. Always receiving the latest upgrades, the current model of the Maus, SdKfz 205 Panzerkampfwagen VIII Ausf.D, saw a massive improvement over previous incarnations with additional reactive armor, a completely new engine rated at 2800hp, a new transmission, updated suspensions, a new 15cm gun with autoloader (which led to the deletion of the 7.5cm coaxial cannon), a full computer assistance suite, a dual 12.7mm machinegun auto turret, and a full mini-kitchen (located in the hull between the driver’s compartment and the engine). One thing that has not changed over the decades were the sheer expense in the construction of these mammoth tanks, therefore their presence on the battlefield is rather limited, their arrival usually signaling the most intense part of a battle is about to begin. While the upgrades were able to improve the Maus’s top speed to 30km per hour, it is still one of the slowest vehicles in the modern Wehrmacht’s inventory.

Thank you all for following this mod. Remember that we are still hiring. We are still looking for people to perform the following:
- Dedicated uvmapper
- Texture artist
- Concept artist
- Voice actor
- Coder
- Build compiler

We are hiring!

We are hiring!

News 3 comments

We are looking for people to join the team to assist with the mod production.

Work is still in progress!

Work is still in progress!

News 7 comments

Rest assured, despite lack of updates, progress is still underway.

November Update

November Update

News 6 comments

China Marches into Battle! Conscript, AT Rifleman, Bloodhound.

October Mini-Update

October Mini-Update

News 3 comments

Mini-update. Faction Logos, Unit renders and new artwork.

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