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A small update & blog post about what's going on and what to expect in 2017!

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C&C Generals Evolution, Art update & Blog post!

Hey guys, it's me again, a year after last update, yet again.

So what's up?

I can't believe it's been a year already, a lot of time has passed, a lot of things been going on with the mod, but we're still going strong.

And in detail?

Things are going pretty much the same, nothing really changed in my life since last year, still busy most of the time, still barely have time for mods, while sgor00 waits patiently 'til I sort my things out.

Sgor00 and I started actively working on RC2 version of the mod since this autumn, I did some surprise dev streams on YouTube where I showed off new structures and how I am putting them in game, I just wanted to show off that GenEvo and me are not dead. Since then I've been redoing a lot of the code from scratch, I've also been polishing current stuff, optimizing particle effects, while adding brand new and replacing most of the old ones, adding new death types for units, fixing physics based destruction objects, added few new units, I even had some models replaced that didn't felt quite right.

What does future hold?

Right now we're working on something special for you all, I've been working non-stop 10-12 hours a day since mid November on GenEvo and I really want this special thing done, sgor00 has been busy too, while I can't exactly say what we're working on I really want you to know that we're doing our best right now. This winter is going to be hot, wait is going to be worth it.

Enough blogging, what's this update about?

This isn't a huge update, but sgor00 wanted to show off his most recent work, which is mod page full art update and some of the art thingies he's done for mod, we would love to get your feedback on this too, so if you have anything to say or recommend feel free, we're always glad to improve this mod for end user, which is you. While this is not much, sgor00 really wanted to show these off, he's done great job remaking faction logos completely from scratch in 3D then applying some photoshop magic afterwards, basically we now have super high res C&C Generals faction logos.

Let's get to the media!

Here we go :

C&C Generals Evolution : USA Logo ArtC&C Generals Evolution : China Logo Art C&C Generals Evolution : GLA Logo ArtC&C Generals Evolution : Wallpaper

GenEvo Main Menu Design

We're very limited with what actually can we do with main menu, so this is probably the last version of its design.

C&C Generals Evolution Main Menu

How can you help?

While I am super happy with how GenEvo turning out, I'm still open to contributions, to be exact I would love to replace some of our old models with something better detailed, right now I need a replacement for Quad Cannon, Helix, Inferno Cannon and ECM, so if anyone from C&C modding community wants to contribute already made model from their project to GenEvo then me and sgor00 ( and future players ) will highly appreciate that, you'll be also credited appropriately.

In Conclusion

That's all I have to say right now, oh yeah, don't forget to vote for us on MOTY if you want, even though it'll change nothing but we'll appreciate your love ❤.

Mod of the Year Awards


Годы идут, а Ганшиппо и сгорыч всё ещё делают крутые штуки :) Так держать! Не забудем C&C!

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А что будете делать с рудниками из оригинала? Можно ли просто заменить их ресурсными центрами, или игре совершенно необходимо, чтобы сборщик въезжал внутрь? В таком случае, наверное, могут пригодиться те серые склады, которые не вошли в релиз, у которых еще дырка для чинуков в крыше и проезд для грузовичков.

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Я думаю, если ты внимательно пересмотришь последний тизер, ты найдешь ответ на свой вопрос ;)

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Can we play rc2 Christmas day?

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ModDB is gonna explode once GenEvo get released! Keep up the amazing work! I'm cheering for you

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please make a release for holidays 2017

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Hypothetically speaking here, but if we provide those replacement models, will you give us access to GenEvo's visual effects?

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