Cold War Crisis (CWC) is a Command & Conquer Generals Zero Hour total conversion. It takes place in the 80s, and features infantry, vehicles and aircraft of that era.


The Genesis Project - A Cold War Crisis Map Generator can generate complete and fully playable skirmish maps in a matter of seconds. And do you know what's even better? It's open source! You can download, modify or extend the source code. You can find the source code in the download-section on ModDB as well.

Genesis Project (CWC Map Generator)
Chetech - - 223 comments

holy **** this was very unexpected.

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ComradeRaphael - - 81 comments

Whoa, from a long time!

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ComradeRaphael - - 81 comments

Could you make one for normal ZH?

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Haubibban - - 354 comments

Yes. But you have to:

1. Remove all props from the map or replace them with ZH ones
2. Remove Players from Player List in order to get rid of scripts.
3. Remove map.ini in map folder.

If you won't do that, the map won't load and crash the game.

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Blittzz - - 138 comments


Is it possible to also make it randomly generate rivers and lakes?

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Blittzz - - 138 comments

It does not work sadly. Might it be a problem with Win 10?

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