Eastern Front is a free mod for Company of Heroes. Following the ethos of mimicking a Relic Entertainment expansion pack, Eastern Front has succeeded in adding two full new factions, the Soviet Red Army and the German Ostheer, packed with unique and exciting units to the existing armies - a feat never before achieved in the Company of Heroes world.

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This tutorial contains various informations about how to work with the Company of Heroes Worldbuilder correctly and not crash and lose a big part of your hard work.

Posted by on - Intermediate Level Design/Theory

How to prevent a Worldbuilder crash

(Yes, every single crash has happend to me.)

  • Never use too big heightmap layers!
  • Never select an empty object spline!
  • Never use objects from visuals\environment\art_ambient\buldings\VARIOUSFOLDERS\substance_ribbons
  • Never create a directory containing umlauts (ä, ö, ü). You won't be able to open the map then.

Useful informations

These ones aren't causing crashes but are bad for the map's performance:

  • If you use more than 7 tiles in 1 chunk graphic errors will occur. Don't use more than 4 tiles in 1 chunk! Use splats instead. For some odd reason it will be better for the performance.

  • buildings>normandy_urban>plaster01_1x2_wdg_01: Collision model is fricking huge!

  • Don't use buildings with "m06" and "nis" inside. They have sometimes different stats (f.e. if you upgrade you can build airborne inside them)

  • objects>designer: all models in this folder have a strange color better not use them.

  • objects>base_perimeter: ALL objects in this folder have NO collision models. So if you aren't using them at the HQ make sure to mark them with the impass editor.

  • objects>buildings: Testing stuff = don't use

  • objects>defenses>trenches: Bugged! Don't use!

  • objects>farm_features>hay_bail_01: No collision model... Use impass editor!!!

  • objects>grave_stones>dead_body_01: Senseless = don't use

  • objects>grave_stones>nis_: Yes, dead bodies but please don't overuse them (even on scheldt is one hidden dead body).

  • objects>industrial>metal>vis_only: = vis_only! Don't use!

  • objects>industrial>metal>push_tank_02: missing!!! Don't use!

  • objects>nis_objects>: These are NIS objects... please don't overuse them because NIS objects are very detailed (and some of them are bugged)

  • objects>oob_objects>: AWESOME! AWESOME! Simple tree sprite (2D "card" which shows ALWAYS the front). Use in Non-playable Area only!

  • objects>rubble_debris>floating_barrels/wood: Please, only place them in the water :P.

  • objects>rubble_debris>nis_carnage: I often use those models on a field full of rubble. Looks more realistic and gives cover.

  • objects>rubble_debris>rubble_barricade_double_02: Has no collsion model tanks & infantry will pass.

  • objects>ruins>caen_temp: temp = temporary: Don't use.

  • objects>single_player>: there are some useful objects but also bugged ones

  • objects>statues>caen_angel_01: don't use

  • objects>vehicles>civilian>hardtop_conv_01: unfinished object... Don't use

  • objects>vehicles>wrecked_vehicles>: Use only with _map_object ending

  • objects>walls>stone>ruined_building_01>: Don't use because debris is falling from it everytime you restart the map.

  • Prevent the usage of objects from all visual>subfolders except if you want to decorate some buildings.

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Thanks a lot! Very useful. I have also problems with obj. > base_perimeter > corner_sandbags_cement and cement_blocks, axis_ledge, axis_guard_tower and wire in obj. > defenses > metal > barbed_wire_01_1x1_simbox (units can pass through). The barbed_wire_01_sp_m01 works good.

And BIG problem with races > allies_commonwealth > building > bofors_gun_nest (If you delete it, the units and guns still stay there. You can NOT delete them at all. Maybe all the commonwealth objects.)
Open the console (~) and type wb_orphan_nuke_entity with your mouse over the object.[/b]

hit enter after typing this and your problem item will be gone.

Q1: What height approx do you mean not to use? Thx!
Q2: Can I use WorldBuilder.exe (CoH) for all the game variations an mods like Blietzkrieg, Tales of Valor... Thx!

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