After being upgraded, modded, and expanded, the games of the Command and Conquer universe have withstood many of the tests of time. For years, gamers have bickered over which game was truly the best. Now, you can have a bit of each. The CnC: All Stars mod for Zero Hour features a uniquely combined array of units and structures from every Command & Conquer title. This modification loosely relates various C&C titles for the sole purpose of creating an interesting, unique, and fun experience on the battlefield. The mod has been released, and was downloaded more than 20000 times in its first two weeks.

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Gameplay is awesome. But i think it is clear to say that Graphics needs a improvement. I don't care that this mod has no units from TW/RA3 but it would be really cool if a HD remake was made.


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Quite a dated mod attempting to bring CnC universes together. Even taking in consideration the fact it's over a decade old, one of oldest mods of this scale even, it's still hard to forgive it abysmal visuals, and the weird combination of factions into a single one - sure, you get some iconic units but it just doesn't feel like you're actually playing a specific faction, just some weird Frankenstein monster. Oh, and most of new units added don't introduce anything outside generals paradigm despite coming from very different games, that's a real big shame!

This mod is good and has a good factions and stuffs like you know it
Why i am rating this 7 because
Graphics i am gonna say Ok
Gameplay is good
But there something that lack is the missions and the factions is combined
Anyway thats all

Bad graphics,horrible balanced and no missions or skirmish maps?The only thing that i like is the factions themself >:(

Nothing special to be honest, low quality textures, badly designed models and very boring at all. Never understood a popularity of that low quality mod.

Lack of a New release, caused me to Downgrade this mod.

Good mod.I returned old times :D


awesome , looking for new update


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