After being upgraded, modded, and expanded, the games of the Command and Conquer universe have withstood many of the tests of time. For years, gamers have bickered over which game was truly the best. Now, you can have a bit of each. The CnC: All Stars mod for Zero Hour features a uniquely combined array of units and structures from every Command & Conquer title. This modification loosely relates various C&C titles for the sole purpose of creating an interesting, unique, and fun experience on the battlefield. The mod has been released, and was downloaded more than 20000 times in its first two weeks.


Version 1.2 of the Command & Conquer All Stars mod for C&C Generals: Zero Hour. All Stars requires Zero Hour to be installed and patched to version 1.04 prior to installation. This download is the full version of the mod, which includes classic C&C music, an intro video, and foreign language support.

All Stars v1.2 Full
VinGummi2 - - 32 comments

Is there changelist somewhere?

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MicScoTho Author
MicScoTho - - 31 comments

Change log is included in the description of the actual patch download, which has not been approved by Mod DB yet.

You can find the change log here as well:

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ltboss - - 15 comments

Will this work with the First Decade Pack?

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Blbpaws Creator
Blbpaws - - 301 comments

Yes, but not online against players who have regular ZH.

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hikayu - - 27 comments

is this full version N can open Mod on it??

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Zureikat - - 1 comments

this version looks gr8

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ruby92 - - 4,565 comments

i can't download it .when i pressed the download button it worked normally but then when it was copying the file to my desktop,it suddenly popped up a file saying that some files cannot be downloaded

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iambryan1234 - - 31 comments

OK i'm gonna try re-downloading it for test then. If it really is corrupted, i'll contact them for you.

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NoCareForMicroPhones - - 16 comments

Is there a mac version?

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protestifications - - 93 comments


this mod sucks, sucks and sucks some more, i've installed it on 3 computers and i got a "serious error" each time. YOU LOT ARE SMART, COME UP WITH A SOLUTION!!!.

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Harrier_Jumpjet - - 939 comments

How about shut up?

I bet the team has found the solution for your error, stop demanding them a solution or it will take a while..

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paloukari - - 1 comments

The game is great, but can you fix the "serious errors" that come up some times in the game?

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Blbpaws Creator
Blbpaws - - 301 comments

The serious errors have two causes: either your PC is incapable of running All Stars, which has slightly higher system requirements than Zero Hour, or you do not have a clean Zero Hour directory when you install the mod. This is likely because some other mods do not fully uninstall themselves and leave files that will interfere with All Stars. There is nothing we can do to control their actions. If you do get these errors and have downloaded and later uninstalled other mods, we recommend uninstalling Zero Hour, deleting the directory if any files remain, reinstalling and patching it, and then playing All Stars. All Stars has been tested thousands of times on clean directories.

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ripamoramee1 - - 83 comments

Cannot run any mod on my Zero Hour, which I got from Origin in the C&C Ultimate Collection.
Please help on how to fix this.
And by "Cannot run", I don't mean any error message, but it automatically starts with the 'vanilla' game launcher.

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Madalrian - - 28 comments

You need special launchers to run some mods on the Origin Verion of most C&C games, I cant give you a link but I think there was a good one on a 'beaver' something website

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yetidazza - - 2 comments

will this work with generals zero hour on the first decade, if so how do i use this all stars mod ?

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EphemeralBlue - - 63 comments

Well, it's well thought out and a good idea, but the skins are pretty bad. It's all flat and lego-like. The Generals original units are skinned better, and modeled better. Honestly, it does indeed very well combine the games together. But you've combined the graphics from Lego Universe too, and that just doesn't work. The units are okay, however, I think you need to increase the amount of different units available. Nice mod, but not my favorite. Hope other people will enjoy it. =)

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templarhunter - - 3 comments

I was looking for change list too, I think Its not here

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darkyuri - - 1,366 comments

Will the version for Tiberium Wars?

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Guest - - 698,722 comments

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Guest - - 698,722 comments

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