"My friend has been taken. I don't know why they were taken. I must find them."

Circadian Offset is a single player focused 7 map mappack partial conversion made to run on the GZDOOM sourceport. It was initially one map but I then realized that the enemy placement and layout might deter new players, especially those who might want to try out a Doom mod, so I decided to make a mappack to "ease in" the gameplay by introducing new enemies, weapons and items as they progressed.

Circadian Offset is inspired by games like Blood, Duke Nukem, and Doom wads like BTSX. Combat typically consists of dodging fast moving projectiles and an emphasis on arcade skills, and to help the player movement is a lot tighter and less slippery compared to Doom. Most enemies fire projectiles, and any enemy that uses hitscan attacks have a very noticeable tell or windup. Expect some mini slaughter like encounters but not as punishing (unless you access the secret level)

Every enemy, weapon and item pickup is new. You can expect to see textures from Blood, Hexen and ukiro's texture mapset.

I do hope I managed to accomplish gameplay that is in a "good way". This is my first time into the mapping scene and the maps are kind of experimental, so I don't expect that people like all of the maps and I welcome any feedback on improving.

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After nearly 5 years, Circadian Offset has finished development and is now released!

Read here for more info: Doomworld.com

You can download it here: Moddb.com

Here are some screenshots of what you can expect to see in the last 2 maps.

Screenshot Doom 20220807 184701

Screenshot Doom 20220807 184809

Screenshot Doom 20220807 184838

Screenshot Doom 20220807 184904

Screenshot Doom 20220807 184928

Screenshot Doom 20220807 184954

Screenshot Doom 20220807 185148

Screenshot Doom 20220807 185100

Screenshot Doom 20220807 185036

(I had to optimize this area a lot sadly. So the architecture isn't as interesting compared to an earlier upload)

Screenshot Doom 20220807 185216

Screenshot Doom 20220807 185242

Screenshot Doom 20220807 185320

Screenshot Doom 20220807 185330

Screenshot Doom 20220807 185429

Screenshot Doom 20220807 185519

Screenshot Doom 20220807 185637

Screenshot Doom 20220807 185742

Screenshot Doom 20220807 185830

Screenshot Doom 20220807 185857

Screenshot Doom 20220807 190037

Screenshot Doom 20220807 190131

Screenshot Doom 20220807 190147

Screenshot Doom 20220807 190159

Screenshot Doom 20220807 190221

Screenshot Doom 20220807 190315

Screenshot Doom 20220807 190255

Screenshot Doom 20220807 190333

Screenshot Doom 20220807 190357

Screenshot Doom 20220807 190413

Screenshot Doom 20220807 190422

Screenshot Doom 20220807 190610

Screenshot Doom 20220807 190633

Screenshot Doom 20220807 190742

Thank you for all the feedback and support given. I only hope that you have a good time playing Circadian Offset, and if not, thank you for trying it out in the first place!


Part 1 Release

Part 1 Release

News 10 comments

Circadian Offset is a 2 part partial conversion mod of Doom 2 with Part 1 being available now.

Veni, Vidi, Video - DBolical YouTube Roundup September 12th - September 16th

Veni, Vidi, Video - DBolical YouTube Roundup September 12th - September 16th


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Circadian Offset Full Release

Circadian Offset Full Release

Full Version 1 comment

Here's the file for Circadian Offset. Thank you for downloading and playing Circadian Offset.

Circadian Offset Part 1

Circadian Offset Part 1

Demo 3 comments

Here's the file for Circadian Offset Part 1 download.

ʀᴏᴏᴋɪᴇ - - 156 comments

Wow these maps looks like mixed of Refracted Reality, Eviternity, & Alfonzone themed levels. So really awesome man!!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
cherrybuttcheeks Creator
cherrybuttcheeks - - 68 comments

Thank you~

Reply Good karma+1 vote
Guest - - 699,029 comments

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

ANDROIDFERRET - - 1,196 comments

This is insanely good.I would love to play it with other mods .but sadly the enemies are baked in . nevertheless it's absolutely amazing .the atmosphere and map details ...Damn .

The first part would be amazing with PAINKILLER mod

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
cherrybuttcheeks Creator
cherrybuttcheeks - - 68 comments

Haha thank you!

Reply Good karma+2 votes
Nightro - - 35 comments

I can see how much work has been put into this and it's refreshing to see hexen and heretic enemies being used in a doom wad. This is a really passionate clusterfuck style wad good job! Looking foward to part 2!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
starfishlord5 - - 5 comments

This mod's visuals are incredibly beautiful, but I feel it is a bit unbalanced. The enemy hordes are too large for the current flow of gameplay. I would either make the player character move faster, as I've noticed your far too slow to dodge most projectiles and give the weapons a little bit more power. Nothing power fantasy level of course, they just feel a little weak for a mod with so many horde encounters. Don't feel obligated to follow this advice though, as it's just my opinion from playing it. I wish you luck in your future doom mapping endeavors.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
starfishlord5 - - 5 comments

Update: Jut finished the mod. The final level is great and functions well. The game play style works really well with rooms with lower enemy counts. condensed areas and connected rooms that are a lot of fun with the slower player movement speed. The arenas with massive hordes in the second to last level though really don't really work with how slow you move. Loved the mod.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
cherrybuttcheeks Creator
cherrybuttcheeks - - 68 comments

Hey, sorry for the late reply, I saw your comments before.

Thank you so much for playing my mod and finishing it! I did also receive feedback on making projectiles easier to dodge so I am thinking of upping the player's speed for Part 2. Weapons are also being tweaked to make them more useful.

I'm glad you enjoyed the last level~ It was my favorite level to design and I too think it is the best out of all of them. I am thinking of revisiting this style of level design as opposed to Doom's more arena like levels.

Thanks once again for the feedback and I'm glad you loved it!

Reply Good karma+2 votes
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