There is nothing left in Madricanas fields. Her once lively and bustling gardens that fed the kingdom now lays desolate, ridden with pests. Padricana will level all the life she brought. Exterminate the vermin. Stop the god. Made with GoldSRC, running on a modified Trinity renderer.

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Development halted


Hi there,

Just this afternoon, I was testing CD burning for OSTs, and my power supply completely shorted. It turned off, then on, and now no boot. The power button doesn't do anything, if I turn on the PSU the whole machine goes on. Doesn't even boot the BIOS.

Good news?

The mod is backed up and fine, V.0.02 is completely safe.

Bad news?

3 Weapon models I was developing + Parts of the script and soundtrack are on the inaccessible drive. I have no idea if there okay or not (betting on no)

So, until further notice, the mod is under delay until I fix it. The V.0.01 build is downloadable via Moroniks files page so if you want to see what I've been doing, it's there. If anyone has any suggestions (or even possible solutions), please comment.

See ya,


mr_spirit - - 30 comments

Warhammer universe?

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Diflin Creator
Diflin - - 10 comments

Definitely some influence with the creatures, but story and whatnot doesn't have any. Don't know enough about it to do it justice anyways =]

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Diflin Creator
Diflin - - 10 comments

Not sure how video uploading works. This'll probably get buried with more comments but heres links. is footage of the most CURRENT build. This includes some minor fixes from the last, mostly in configs. Still a bit rough but now that the campaign is being fleshed with a script it'll be more ironed by v0.3 is a previous build. Pretty much everything (textures used, playermodel, hud, and renderer) are all outdated. Mostly for archival purposes.

Current plan right now is to change the hud color to a deep red, and add weapon sway and view roll. Both will be changeable in options, as well as how much (another thing to figure out; how the hell to make an advanced options menu!)

Anyone willing to pitch in suggestions, please do. And expect something a bit suprising s̶o̶o̶n e̶v̶e̶n̶t̶u̶a̶l̶l̶y in the coming months!

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