Global modification with the new storyline, 3D models and locations. Convoluted, detective events await us in this project for a stalker.

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Project keep in progress, there are still a lot of secrets but today we want to share some info about the current status.

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Project keeps in progress, there are still a lot of secrets but today we want to share some info about the current status. So, we keep working to make better our location pre-render you can reach here:

2017 10 09 031019

For this time we made lots of edits with currently buildings and landscapes fully mixed up with NPC and mutants. We've got a big map with totally huge territory and that gives us a lot of problems with X-Ray limits and the detalization of the map. Might be any fan of stalker know that X-Ray Engine very old but still good.

Sure there already some realizations with huge locations and with multiplayer like Ray of Hope, but we keep in mind only a single player. In spring 2018 we've finished the closed beta test by results got a lot of bugs which is currently fixed. But anyway we keep trying to adding something new since the project looks unfinished like SZM CoP 0.2.

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Also, we had to change our discord chat which not full of people but here you can reach any answers faster than on forums or comments on any social network.

At this moment and at all we've not to hurry to make the fast release as we want at the start, so editing will be longer then we planned. By the way, we like the present the let's play of HugTV - SZM CoP 0.2 (it's an older version of the project currently named Choice of Destiny 0.22). Sound-speech: Russian.


This looks very good so far, I won't play it until a final version comes out but I can't wait!

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Nice, good luck people.

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