Global modification with the new storyline, 3D models and locations. Convoluted, detective events await us in this project for a stalker.


The next version of project Choice of Destiny 0.25.

Choice of Destiny 0.25
PentaSquares - - 31 comments

I've tried to launch this, but my computer always freezes, then crashes.

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w33d12418 - - 3 comments

Hey I have a little problem here. my game crash after finish defense village quest when go visit Sid bunker :(


[error]Expression : error handler is invoked!
[error]Function : invalid_parameter_handler
[error]File : F:\X-Ray\X-Ray_17_SR\stcop-engine-dev_public\src\xrCore\xrDebugNew.cpp
[error]Line : 812
[error]Description :

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1_A Author
1_A - - 141 comments

No idea what the problem is in a crash - no Description. So I can't help . Try a new game. It can be anything.

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BlinInaTin - - 3 comments

So uh my game crashes the moment i start a new game and click on Novice, Stalker, etc. so any like fix for it or any reason why it happens?

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OvoDrake - - 10 comments

is this a standalone?

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1_A Author
1_A - - 141 comments


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