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Combat Evolved is a mod overhaul for the Jagged Alliance - Back in Action game that expands/improves the vanilla game in many ways, from adding items, fixing bugs, increasing difficulty, balancing gameplay features to the point of restoring some of the soul the Jagged Alliance mercs used to have.

The variety of weapons and items is greatly expanded with weapons starting from the WWII Pecheneg to the exotic AAC Honey Badger, the ballistic protection is more varied and now has an alternative that can be worn underneath the clothes, the AI will now engage in better tactics, different behaviours based on the enemy type, the gameplay progression will feel more balanced and challenging, personality has been breathed in all the characters, all the gameplay will feel different in a better way.

To date, except the translations, this continues to be a one-man project so the development might be slow at points, depending on my time, but I'll always try to deliver compatibility patches with the latest game version within 24 hours from release. Other than that, if you feel like contributing in some way, drop me a line.

First of all, a huge thanks to sbobovyc for his tools, without those none of this would be possible.
Kevin MacLeod from for "Junkyard Tribe" (main menu song).
Thanks to MrRaven for his great UI mod and for allowing me to make it a part of CE and modifying where needed.
I particularly want to thank daedalusxxi for the spanish localization, Calippo for the italian one, DaBoss for the german translation and emmanuuel for the (groovy!?) french localization.
Thanks to Confus for the initial brainstorming, the nudge that I needed to get things moving and some weapons descriptions.
Credits to the JA2 1.13 team for some weapons descriptions that I shamelessly ripped.
Credits to SirTech for the mugshots.
My girlfriend for not busting my balls while I was doing this and even for assisting me with some data checking.

Download link for the latest mod version (compatible with game patch 1.13e to 1.13g): Download CE v1.07.300812 (49.4 Mb)

If you feel like supporting this mod (which is in no way mandatory but is really appreciated due to the fact that JA: BiA modding tends to eat up my time in which I could be otherwise productive ) you can PayPal - The safer, easier way to pay online!

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RSS Articles

New CE mod version is out

  • included zero's "M.E.R.C. is back" with his permission. Many thanks, again;
  • changed new mercs portraits, gear, stats and looks to fit CE;
  • fixed an issue where the additional info was not displayed in the right textbox for the new mercs;
  • decreased range for 7.62 NATO chambered ARs and rebalanced stats accordingly;
  • tweaked accuracy and durability for some weapons;
  • increased range for 5.45 chambered ARs;
  • tweaked some stats for sniper rifles;
  • changed syringe medical requirement to 0 as it should've been (thanks Gen. Drax);
  • modified some merc stats;
  • added icons in weapon picture for weapon types and removed weapon type from text descriptions;
  • added 7 new weapons (PPSh-41, Mosin-Nagant M59, AK-74, OSV-96, Skorpion vz. 82, SPAS-12 and baseball bat)
  • changed loadout for some enemy soldiers;
  • rebalanced the numbers and levels of enemies in some sectors;
  • rebalanced some mercs;
  • modified loot sectors and trader inventories (this is spreading across several versions);
  • modified a few dialogues for immersion purposes;
  • made Deidranna slightly more difficulty and slightly more paranoid;
  • fixed Blood not being able to use his medkit (thanks reVurt);
  • fixed Steyr Scout magazine size (thanks reVurt);
  • fixed AKS-74U attachment point (thanks Specter);
  • fixed a problem with the Neoprene skull mask textures - this time for real! no joke! (thanks Aemun and Guy);
  • fixed Nightblind and Night Ops tooltips (thanks Specter);
  • fixed a loading screen tip about CQB (thanks Blondy);
  • fixed the flat cap not having a name and description (thanks Landwalker);
  • removed laser sight light ray;

Note: If you have a vanilla savegame, a new game is highly advisable since there are too many changes that won't take effect and unwanted behaviour might occur. If you have a 1.05/1.05b CE mod savegame, it should be compatible, except for the fact that things like stats for the already hired mercs and content for the already looted containers won't come in effect.

Mod features

Mod features


A list of all the features that Combat Evolved mod brings to the vanilla game.

RSS Files
CombatEvolved mod v1.07.300812

CombatEvolved mod v1.07.300812

Full Version 9 comments

- New items (weapons, attachments, armor, drugs); - better progression; - added an option for easy difficulty; - added an option for vanilla icons; ...

Combat Evolved mod v1.06.60812

Combat Evolved mod v1.06.60812

Full Version

New mercs, new weapons, tweaked overall weapon stats, changed loots for a smoother progression.

Combat Evolved mod v1.05b for Jagged Alliance: BiA

Combat Evolved mod v1.05b for Jagged Alliance: BiA

Full Version

Combat Evolved is a mod overhaul for the Jagged Alliance - Back in Action game that expands/improves the vanilla game in many ways, from adding items...

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DIO_WAS_HERE - - 1 comments

So, I loved Jagged Alliance BIA gameplay, right up my tactical alley. But one problem I have is the dificulty (normal one). If you dont remain agressive and try to consolidate, the enemy will literally steamroll you, since they evolve with time, sooner or later you arent gonna be able to capture a town with 50 lev 4-5 bad guys unless you are a serious PRO (meduna has a max of 70 baddies... good luck!). Similar problem with enemy squads.

I wanted to know how does your mod's easy dificulty exactly limits the enemy capactity (Drassen, if left untouched, will reach 42 4-5 level baddies), what does it happen with "Easy" dificulty with your mod?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
TWJunky - - 35 comments

I was looking through the modded files. it becomes obvious really fast that this mod team really invested a lot of time and effort. does anybody know why the mod was only developed for a month and then suddenly stopped?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes
Guest - - 692,483 comments

Some weapons display an ammo type incorrectly!
Colt Delta Elite
Milkor MGL Mk1

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
Guest - - 692,483 comments

Hi, and thanks you for your work ! o/
Could you please, tell me how can I increase the frequency of Deidranna's attacks?

Thanks a lot o/

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Guest - - 692,483 comments

it was a very good game... maybe the next version should have more additional slot for weapon attachments like silencer and scope used simultaneously...
vest attachment like breast plates, ammo, grenade and maybe back pack will also be included.... and also different weapon barrels in rifle and sniper can be added........... its a very good game,......!!!!!!!!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes - - 5 comments

Combat Evolved 1.07 - fix v1.0

new music, balanced attachments, manage ammo: one click = x10 bullets ,"bobby rays" offers everything

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
Guest - - 692,483 comments

I'd love to see the M60E4 and Remington 700 in future patches
but even without them great mod I am throughly enjoying the edits to the hard difficulty keep up the great work

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Heer_Gefreiter - - 543 comments

Where can i download the latest patches i have the firs version of the game?Pls help!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
NIKI87 - - 490 comments

Is the mod compatible with Realistic Rebalancing Mod?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
Guest - - 692,483 comments


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