The purpose of this mod is to recreate the Star Wars universe through various mythical epochs and places of the saga. "Battlefront Ultimate commander" is a a total conversion modification that adds new eras, new game-modes, new units and many more!

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New article depicting what has been done since the August release and next release's change-log.

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Hey everyone! Welcome back.

So let's start right away!

As some of you may know the summer was rough real-life wise. Mid-September I had the chance to find a job, it doesn't pay much and I'm actually obliged to work 10~12 hours a day to get a decent salary. Before anyone critics me out I am glad of this new situation. And I do not complain I'm just being honest so people can understand why I barely give news on ModDB.

Even though these people aren't devs I'd like to thanks AQT for greatly helping with BUC as our team was a little shrink. Nothing new for the discord members but CT-108 is no longer a BUC developer (only Allumette and I remain). I'd like to thanks Clock, Gogie and Needo for the help they provided as well.

On the bright side I do plan to bring another BUC release soon. How soon you may ask? For now we won't do release dates until they're very close, and even then make it clear that they're probably going to change. If it can help I roughly aim for a ~November-December release. That's all I can say.

-End of the introduction,

What's new?

I spent a great amount of time writing down a super precise change-log. I swear, if people don't read it and ask a stupid question answered by the change-log I will not answer the comment. I might even erase it. You think it's dumb? Well I don't think so given my job schedule. I clearly don't have time for this.

-Change-log from BUC revision2.0.1 to revision2.3.2:

> Glitch and Bug fix:

  • r2.0.2: Fixed an issue where double/two Bespin Cloud City maps would appear if the user already had Marvel4's Bespin Cloud City Map installed
  • r2.0.3: Fixed the missing text entries for the Coruscant Guard Clone Troopers on Coruscant in RED VS BLUE Game-Mode
  • r2.0.4: Fixed the Felucia 501st AT-TE's specular map
  • r2.0.5: Fixed the missing text entry for the Jedi Sentinel Class
  • r2.0.6: Fixed the missing text entry for the Jedi Sentinel Class's lightsaber
  • r2.0.7: Fixed the missing text entry for the Jedi's double-bladed lightsaber
  • r2.0.8: Fixed the new UI/Menu images that were streched in various screen resolution (thanks to Anakin for helping, you need his Remastered Mod to fix it /!\ )
  • r2.0.9: Fixed the missing text entry for Dagobah Abandoned Venator map's description
  • r2.1.0: Fixed an issue that would cause the Dantooine loading-screen to be replaced by the Dagobah Abandoned Venator loading-Screen
  • r2.1.1: Fixed the missing AT-RT Walker walking/moving Sound Effects on Tatooine Allon Settlement (Conquest & Phase 1 Clone Game-mode)
  • r2.1.2: Fixed the wrong text entries for Clone Commander Doom and his Dual Pistol. Previously named after Clone Commander Fox
  • r2.1.3: Fixed the the missing text entry for the Proton Cannon Shells on Saleucami: Caldera City
  • r2.1.4: Fixed the missing text entry for Asajj Ventress' lightsabers
  • r2.1.5: Fixed the missing LAAT/i sound effects for the Battle of Dantooine Map (Conquest & phase 1 game mode)

> Map and Level design:

  • r2.1.6: Adjusted the NearSceneRange values of Bespin Cloud City so player models don't turn to lowrez meshes that often
  • r2.1.7: Added even more jungle plant and musrhoom props to the map "Third Battle Of Felucia"
  • r2.1.8: Updated the Felucia purple mushroom's normal map with new details
  • r2.1.9: Kashyyyk: Docks completely reskined thanks to AQT. Now actually "rezzed/HD"
  • r2.2.0: New Trandoshan slave ships added to Kashyyyk: Docks (destroy-able)
  • r2.2.1: New normal maps for Bespin Cloud City's buildings thanks to AQT
  • r2.2.1b: "Wind" ambient sounds on Bespin Cloud City
  • r2.2.1c: "Steam" sound for the carbon freezing chamber
  • r2.2.1d: "Low humming" sound in the carbon freezing chamber

> Sides/Factions:

  • r2.2.2: New Jet-trooper skin for the 41st Elite Legion on Bespin Cloud City (replace the default 187th Legion Jet-trooper skin) -Skin's textures by MrClock
  • r2.2.3: Changed the Camera/ScreenShakeRadiusOuter from 1.5 meter to 0.80 meter
  • r2.2.4: Changed the Camera/ScreenShakeRadiusInner from 1.5 meter to 0.80 meter
  • r2.2.5: Changed the Camera/ScreenShakeDuration (aka time-lenght) from 0.5 second to 0.4 second // BUC Open Beta 1.0 had a ScreenShakeDuration of 0.6 second for reference
  • r2.2.6: Changed the Camera/ScreenShake from 0.23 to 0.13 // BUC Open Beta 1.0 had a ScreenShake value of 0.21 for reference
  • r2.2.7: Decreased the SBD (rocket/jetpack variation)'s health-points from '1910.0' to '1810.0'
  • r2.2.8: Created/Updated new firing & standing alert animations for every clone units
  • r2.2.9: New names for the Republic Side/Team when in the "team-selection-screen". The Republic Side is now named after the clone legion available
  • r2.3.0: New names for every Clone classes: instead of just [Class Name] it will be now displayed that way [Legion] [Class Name]
  • r2.3.1: Changed the 501st's Blue hex/shade

> Major Additions:

  • r2.3.2: Brand new headshot mechanic. Headshots damages are hardcoded. I now have a workaround. The new mechanic is applied to the SBD only (for now). Here's the math:
    SBD's health - [ordnance damage] x 1.3 (the hardcoded value for every headshots in-game) + 115 damage
  • New Map: Rhen Var Citadel: features:
    New Republic Legion: 21st Nova Corps Map design ported from the SWBF II Xbox DLC (the DLC's content was ripped since the assets for it were not released)

Check out these two videos for the Rhen Var Citadel map!

Some random screenshots took during the past weeks:

21st Nova Corps Gallery:

Join our discord!


Well this is all awesome!

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mmm spicy

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Everything looks great thank you for all the passion you put into this project.

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Excuse me, was the vibrosword added to the commando droid?

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CdtFox Author

no. It might be added in the futur. Not sure

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into the wank bank this goes

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Can you add an option to remove the screen shake and the new camera.

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Did you Fix the Felucia 501st AT-TE's specular map???

Jk, nice update.

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CdtFox Author

what the ****

but thanks! :)

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