A total conversion for C&C3; set in the universe of 40k aiming to create a blend betwen DOW and C&C. It will follow lore over tabletop where possible with a bit of artistic license to add realism. This mod is a personal project and is to be considered fan art with small but regular updates.

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weekly update 2

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Good news with the chimera I managed to model the majority of it just needs a few more items/refinement and some stowage, a feature I'm wanting to work similar to how my infantry have different models to make squads look less clone-like. Stowage will be features like camo netting, bags, tarps and ammo boxes all placed in different places to make the tanks look less uniform and hopefully make two chimera look different rather then a factory copy paste.

Now the bad news is I'm going to be away from my computer for a week as im going on holiday, I do plan to bring my laptop but its more of a modern one and if you have made models for C&C3 you will be aware that only some very early versions of 3dmax are supported namely version 9 but it doesnt stop me making some other stuff.

This week I have been playing with a few ideas and would love to hear feedback on what you think, first a question on unit scales, let me show you this test picture.


Now excuse the borrowed texture on the chimera the point i did here was stripped the animations and scaled only one catachan solder to the correct level to the tank, now i happen to like the size and the other soldiers are the standard ingame size so its quite a difference and I should also mention the camera can now zoom all the way in so let me know what you prefer perhaps youd rather the tank got bigger to match?

I've always prefered the infantry to be smaller it makes hiding them a little easier.

The other question would be on lasguns I curently have set them up with a thin gold laser beam that fades very quickly but I wonder if people would prefer red beams like DOW1 most of the artwork show a gold/white laser.

Anyway I have stuff to pack and will check back over my holiday.

weekly update 1

weekly update 1


Looking for someone with a new chimera model and an update to what im currently upto

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Guest - - 692,793 comments

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Guest - - 692,793 comments

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darkyuri - - 1,361 comments

Is mod alive?

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mljwm - - 24 comments

Again its dead Like seriously what the hell people?

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Lord_Chimera - - 204 comments

Is this the IG faction? You could mix the various IG regiments in one faction each type has its own ability.

As for the lasguns beam color better check out the fluff as to what its color actually is.

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Minion-Overlord Creator
Minion-Overlord - - 5 comments

No there wont be a general IG faction but a few personalised ones such as Catachans which might appear in the faction list as Astra Militarum: Catachans. Other IG factions im feeling are Steel Legion, mordian iron guard and Militarum Tempestus. It all depends on what the engine limitations are with new factions which im looking into.

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EpsilonEmpire - - 871 comments

very nice mod ,tracking

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Medraen - - 273 comments

Great mod!

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Astra_Nova - - 156 comments

I'm looking forward to playing this mod. Good Luck! The Emperor protects.

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Minion-Overlord Creator
Minion-Overlord - - 5 comments

Thanks man!

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