Welcome to C&C Retarded, the best mod ever made: EVER... C&C Retarded is the latest of the "Retarded" Mod Series that I began back with C&C Generals: Zero Hour. Something about this mod you should know, is that it is completely made by one dude, me, TheGunrun. I find that working alone allows me to create what ever the hell I want with out people complaining. Download my mod and find out why I still make this. Every game you play will be epic, never before has a command and conquer title been able to produce as much POWER AND CHAOS.

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C&C Retarded v3 Beta 1 is now out! Check out my blog to download now!

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Sup everyone, just making sure you all check out CNCRetarded.com A beta for Verison 3 was just released and the blog is the only place where you can get it!

  • Stuff
  • Only 5 Tib silos can be built, and they produce $10 a second.
  • New Music
  • Unholy Alliance becomes more of a faction. It gets its own Conyard and build layout!
  • Nod Buggies get a Garrison Slot which allows fire from inside.
  • Rance Costa EMP snipers require GDI Epic Structure and now only take 20 seconds to build/$2400.
  • The GDI Reinforcement power, Bloodhounds, will be replaced with a new power.
  • Zone Trooper Drop pods will occur faster
  • Shockwave Artillery's EMP now lasts twice as long
  • Orca Strike now uses 15 Orcas
  • All MCVs will start undeployed at the beginning of each match.
  • GDI Zone Troopers can garrison Foxholes built by Riflement
  • Cloaking power gets more range
  • Catalyst Avatar only costs $13370 and takes 20 Seconds to build.
  • Epic Structures now take 1 minute to build and $40000
  • Final Tier defenses and Epic Structures cannot be sold.
  • All tech centers go back to one minute build time.
  • GDI Reinforcement abilities have been buffed, severely.
  • Mine drop takes half as much time.
  • Tiberium Vapor Bomb does MASSIVE damage.
  • Scrin gets Stuff
  • Scrin Ion Storms do much more damage
  • The Scrin Epic Structure will now provide 15 storm riders, and will make new ones if they die.
  • Engineers will be buffed to take more hits and also have a support power to that they can be sent to the battlefield, all factions.
  • Reload time on rocket soldiers will be halfed.


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