Command & Conquer Red Alert History is a small mod that adds a few new units. The idea came about because I wondered what a few Red Alert units would look like and perform inside the Tiberium wars engine. I consider this mod a 'museum', wherein I add a few historical pieces that I like into the C&C3; engine! The Mod will be updated by adding a few units at a time (typically around 10 items). The mod is a mixture of mostly EA & public models, as well as a few original models done by me. Check the forums & articles for detailed information and for in-depth discussion.

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General changes in Red Alert History Release 7. Balance changes to individual units and structures will be done in another post.

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Changes that effect the games system e.g. Ore changes, or changes that effect more than one side. Can include balance changes.

  • Added gold ore and gems in place of tiberium. This is a version 1.0 of the ore system, so it can still be further improved. A last minute change saw the shader swapped out for a shader that had less impact on the game engines resources. The result is that there is certainly more that can be done to improve the look.
  • Both Allies and Soviets have Red Alert refineries and miners.
  • The Scrin have been adjusted for a world without tiberium! Don't feel bad for them!
  • A lot of particle FX adjustments.
  • Several texture improvements, including memory optimisations, and house colour.
  • Several code and model changes based around optimisation.
  • Added voice sets to several units that shared RA1 generic voices. To help distinguish units.
  • Fixed Veteran Academy 'really damaged' state bug.
  • The Veteran Academy and hospital no longer get faction flags when you (or the AI) capture them! Could not get it to work properly, so instead the 'tech' flag will change to your house colour instead.
  • You can now select all large support aircraft! This is a big deal because it makes it a lot easier to select the aircraft so your units can attack them (previously it was only the Badger bomber that could be selected).
  • Both Allies and Soviets have had their 'Surveyor' type units amour changed back to 'Surveyor' type armour, and also had their health increased to 4000 (was 1750). Previously they had 'Light vehicle' armour, which made them too difficult to destroy, despite their low health. The rubbish 'Surveyor' amour means that every unit can do decent damage to them.
  • Both Allies and Soviets have had their 'Outpost' type structures amour changed back to 'Outpost' type armour, and also had their health increased to 4600 (was 3000). Previously they had 'Crane' armour, which made them too difficult to destroy, despite their low health. The rubbish 'Outpost' amour means that every unit can do decent damage to them.
  • Both Allies and Soviet Barracks can now heal their own infantry and replace lost squad members. In a similar style to the GDI Medical Bay (Armoury).


This is a 'safe' (ie dull) crate selection, designed to be fair. All the units that you can pick up are tier 1 units.

  • Readded the crate system from release 2! Check release 2 news for details!
  • Reworked unit crates, you can pick up one of four tanks that were cut from the main roster, and the Grenadier squad from release 1. Light tank and Rhino tank from Renegade 2, Light tank from RA1, Rhino tank from RA2.


Mostly fixes and other general changes that do not qualify as balance changes, which will be done in a separate list.

  • Rocket squads can now get a global 'Javelin' upgrade! In addition to the 'Medic' upgrade, this is also researched at the Tech centre.

  • Removed Artillery unit. While the Prism tank is not a direct replacement, it will have to do.
  • Added new support power: Artillery strike! At least the units are still being used! Available from the Tech centre.

"Please destroy the Grand Cannon!"

  • Removed Light tank. Replaced by Armoured car. You can get the Light tank from crates, if you have the crate option enabled.
  • APC can now lay mines! Decided that a separate model for the minelayer was probably never going to happen so...
  • C130 can now benefit from a global 'Counter flares' upgrade! Available at Tech centre, reduces enemy missile hits!
  • JEEP can now replace its gun with a rocket launcher! Via individual upgrades. Gives the Allies further miner rush/harassment, and anti-air options. Upgrade is permanent.


Mostly fixes and other general changes that do not qualify as balance changes, which will be done in a separate list.

  • Soviets have temporary rank icons to replace the Nod rank icons! Don't let anyone tell you that they are based on the map achievement medals!
  • Removed RA3 War factory. Replaced by RA2 version!
  • Conscripts get an extra infantry unit via a new global upgrade. Similar style to the Allied 'Medic' upgrade, except the Conscripts get a Molotov wielding officer!
  • Flak troopers also gets an extra infantry unit via the same upgrade. They get the RA3 Flak trooper! obviously increasing damage output, of particular note is the improvement vs vehicles!

'When you return to RA History meme!'

  • Radar has new 'Officer' upgrade, which adds the afore mentioned infantry 'banner carriers'.
  • The AI will make more effort to fill Bunkers that they have built. Finally!
  • Added passive 'Miner support' to the Iron Curtain. Once you have built an Iron Curtain (and provided you keep it powered!), if a single War miner from you or a Soviet teammate, reaches the 'Really damaged' state (on fire!), your Iron Curtain will launch a single-vehicle radius Iron Curtain support power! (ie the RA1 Iron Curtain effect). This last for 30 seconds, which is more than enough time for the Miner to get out of trouble, and recover health!
    The special ability reloads in... 30 seconds, which means exactly what you think it does!
  • Added the 'Final escalation' passive ability: 'Bomber support' to the Iron Curtain. The 'Escalation' system will be the subject of an upcoming article, but briefly refers to the time released support powers that are tied to your Iron Curtain. If your Iron Curtain has been on the battlefield for an hour uninterrupted, you will reach the point of 'Final escalation'.
    The 'Bomber support' ability is basically an automated 'RA1' Iron Curtain effect for every airstrike that you launch while the Iron Curtain is in Final escalation mode. This obviously means that there is no way to stop them from reaching their target!

"HA! HA! HA! HA! ...etc"

  • All units will now visibly fire projectiles at a unit that is under the Iron Curtain! Finally!
  • Spy plane now gives experience if destroyed! oops!
  • Yak no longer has 'GDI' rank up FX! oops!
  • Badger Bomber bombing length and bomb drop number reverted back to release 5 stats, flight height increased to compensate! Put simply, it is even more brutal!
  • Fixed Tesla Trooper rank issue! They no longer repeat rank upgrades twice!
  • Fixed Super Bomber turret. Was firing, but not turning to face target, a 'Bone' issue.
  • Added new support power: Desolater Airstrike! Uses toxic waste from the Nuclear reactor, which is also the structure that unlocks it.

"Green is bad!"

  • Hind Transport Gunship now opens the hanger roof on the Airfield when it is built! oops!
  • Hind Transport Gunship can no longer fire it's rockets while moving! Not really a balance change, hence why it is here.
  • Heavy tank now gets experience at the correct rate! Was getting experience at the Nod Raider tank rate, which is why it ranked up so fast!


Blue = My comments
Orange = Affects AI only


oh man, so many changes!
Cant wait for it, you and Carnius are just bringing best gifts on Xmas :P

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I mistakenly pressed the link *oops!*

But it turn out I wanted to read about your godly work anyway *double oops!*

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This is beginning to look like a Red Alert 1 & 2 remake in C&C3;, especially when mixing RA1, RA2 and RA3 units in one mod.

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This is going to be awesome, thank you for your hard work! :D

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This looks awesome really!

EDIT: By the way, the Soviet Bunkers in the screens seem old ones. Is not your new bunker going to be featured?

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Well done!

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Madin Author

Thanks for all the comments!

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