Command & Conquer Red Alert History is a small mod that adds a few new units. The idea came about because I wondered what a few Red Alert units would look like and perform inside the Tiberium wars engine. I consider this mod a 'museum', wherein I add a few historical pieces that I like into the C&C3; engine! The Mod will be updated by adding a few units at a time (typically around 10 items). The mod is a mixture of mostly EA & public models, as well as a few original models done by me. Check the forums & articles for detailed information and for in-depth discussion.

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*Pre-alpha Release 8 testing*

This is a capture of a test of basic Prism support. There has been multiple attempts to get any kind of Prism support working in this mod since the Prism Towers were introduced, but it has never wanted to work.

I have gone back to the most basic form of support, that towers within a certain range of a tower that has an enemy target (and only if those towers do not have there own enemy target), will fire a support beam that will boost the strength of the tower with a target.

As you can see there are still issues (like a support beam being fired even if a tower that calls for a support beam, no longer having an enemy target), however the feeling is that it is preferable to have support in with these minor issues, then not having any support at all.

Currently due to bizarre TW hard coding, only 5 support towers will stack to support a single tower. You can visually have more than 5 support a tower, it is just that there will be no difference in attack damage beyond 5 towers.

*Pre-alpha Release 8 testing*