Castle Grunburgh is an ancient castle build in the mid 1700s, passed on throughout the family

Germany, Castle Grunburgh, 1839. You don't know where you are, you're locked up in a dungeon, severely wounded and confused, you try to remember things from your past. Unravel the mystery of this dangerous place and save yourself from the grasp of the terrifying monsters dwelling around these hallways.

There seems to be an entity roaming this castle, an entity that has never been seen before, or atleast no-one was alive to tell the tale.

They should have been way more careful...

    • Amnesia: Castle Grunburgh tries to give you the same feeling like in the original Amnesia: The Dark Descent, roaming an old and decaying castle, while still adding our own custom feeling.

    • Now with a terrifying ambience!

    • Release date: TBD

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Dialogue II : The Sacristy


May 2, 1838 DIALOGUE 2:

* as the great doors open, an eeriness overwhelms you, but you ignore it *

" Baron Edward, it's an honor to meet. Thank you for blessing me with this opportunity. "

" Likewise. I've heard you're the best chemist around. So I had to see it with my own eyes. "

" I won't disappoint you. I'm an expert in my craft. "

" That's great to hear. How about I show you around the castle myself? There's a lot you need to see. "

" I would love to. "

The Sacristy 1

* 30 minutes later *

" Well, here we are. My most beloved part of the castle. "

" What is it? A sanctum? "

" Close. It's a sacristy. Here I keep my most valuable, religious items and ... "

* as Edward opens the gate to the area, my eyes allude to a stone lady glancing upon me *

" Great heavens... That statue is astounding! How did you even get that in here? "

" I didn't. I searched for the finest sculptor I could find and eventually stumbled upon a man named

James Pradier. He personally carved it out here on the spot. It took him months. "

The Sacristy 2

" Along side all the artifacts we also have this ritual altar. It was used by my grandfather to praise the Lord

and improve his relation with the pastorate. "

" Do you still make use of it? "

" No. Since Gregory XVI became Pope and decided to refuse any financial support to our castle, we stopped

using it. We just kept it as decoration."

" I see. "

" Anyway, I will stop wasting your time with this room now. You will be spending most of your time in the

laboratory. It's located in the library up ahead. Let me show you. "

sacristy bones pic

Dialogue I : The Storage

Dialogue I : The Storage


Hi guys, we would like to share a sneak peak of the first level of Castle Grunburgh. It was made a little over a year ago. Here it is.

Guest - - 688,627 comments

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Braka. - - 24 comments

interesting, cant wait

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jojobrainrot - - 4 comments

Hi hello, I cannot wait for the release, I'm very happy that people still make custom stories for my most favourite game. <3

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JesusYourFriend Creator
JesusYourFriend - - 4 comments

Thanks for the comment! It makes us happy and motivates us that people are actually showing interest in our work. We'll be posting updates regularly :)

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