Hello all ...

My surname is explosion12345, and I'm a leader of the R278 team.Today, we want to you present our new project: Capture it.

With a lot of news for the gameplay of crysis, Capture It promises new multiplayer mission incredible.

- New Weapons

- New Gameplay

- Insert Predator Drone

- Medikit System

- New Vehiculs

- and Others

Pictures Of Modifications :

- AK47

- BTR (modern Assault Tank)

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Update #2


Wecome to all, for this second update to capture it, we wish to present:

-Our new car, the famous abrams.
-The new Heckler & Koch UMP 45.
-Our first model of the M110.
-Photos of the map Desert Assault Bridge.
-Our first Wallpaper.

And finally the explanation of our 2 game modes.

Ready ? Then Go!

- The Abrams is a tank that has many heavy weapons as the gun and overpowered his second weapon explosions

- The UMP 45 machine gun is a weapon of the H & K originally developed to replace the Mp5.Elle is lightweight and easy to control, it is recommended to beginners.

- Here are our first models of the M110. The sniper is very long but it is carried little power.

- And here's the explanation of the 2 game modes to capture it, very different from each other.

- The game mode called alpha is a 1 vs 1 with only 2 respawn point, which often makes it possible to meeting .Il will have 5 maps of which is finished and presented here: it is called Riwers, and c is a map from the map Lituania Pine Forest.

- The game mode called delta is a 32 vs. 32 (Crysis will unleash a 64 players) with a ten point respawn, 2 teams fight over a very large map, the goal is to destroy a target and then compile flags. This mode of play inspired battlefield bad compagny received new character animations, unlike the alpha mode, which keeps the original animations. There will be 4 maps of which is finished and presented here: it is called Desert Assault Bridge.

-Also we learned some in-game screens, unedited, in this map.

- And finally this update to Capture it, we want to present you 2 Wallpaper, unfortunately not Hd.

There is one on 1024x768 :

And another in 1920x1200 :

And now, that's it for today, if you have any questions, please contact the address gare.kerty@yahoo.fr.



In any case, the original taking the name of the font name as mod: D

But I have a little trouble understanding the principle of the gameplay, but it looks excavated in any case, I expect the result to better understand the whole project.

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very good!!

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No offense, but wtf? I don't understand it.

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Understand what the title.

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