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Calestria is a new mod for Mount&Blade: Warband. Our main goal is to create a mod that is fun to play for everyone, which we aim to achieve by working together closely with our community! Calestria is mainly about controlling your own personal character which you manage via website. Calestria focuses to deliver a mod with plenty of known and new MMORPG features.

Hundreds of new items
Obtain powerful, legendary chests with items by killing other players

You get various of items by different sources. Every item belongs to different quality levels - which also pictures the strength and values of the items. The mod has 5 different levels so far - Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic and Legendary. The drop rate of Common items is higher and is reduced by every higher quality level. Are you one of those who find a legendary item?

(MMO)RPG Features
We realize well known features in a single mod.

We have plenty of features in the mod which are known by big game titles. Choose between 4 professions and be able to craft powerful items for your character. Discover the new item types, potions, rings and amulets. Collect materials by the chests you can loot from enemies, trade them on the marketplace and earn gold. Spend gold in an auction house or you can trade with other players!

Updating & Adding new Content
So you don't get bored!

Calestria is beginning as a basic pack which already has lots of content and possibilities what you can do as player. In order not to bore you, we deliver you new content and expansions of already existing content. We have plans on how to entertain you, but we are always looking forward for players suggestions. We are working very close with our community and listen to what they have to say.

New Game Type: Hunger Games (Coming soon!)
Start with plenty of players and become the only survivor.
Some of you remember Aeterna_Hungergames? Hunger Games is a gamemode (based on Deathmatch) where you start all together at one location (without any weapons) and find those on various positions on the map. Winner is the last surviving player. We decided to add the gamemode into the mod where we also have more opportunities for adding new content. Stay turned to check couple of new items, new maps and more!

Current Version: 1.0.0
For more information about the Changelogs and previous version, visit our forums: Calestria Forums

Steam Community: Steam Community
TaleWorlds Thread: Adding soon...

We want to thank everyone who was involved in the development. Also a big thank you for all of those which provided us resources for the development. Please take a closer look at the Credits and Acknowledgements-Thread on our forums!

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Calestria 0.4.0 - Release soon


Calestria 0.4.0

Which big features await you?

Houses; Your place inside a community

In the next update, we are going to release the House-system. Purpose of Houses is to play with other members, to fight against other houses or to use special advantages, like specific buffs, sending items directly to other members of your house and more! Gain Glory for your house and try to become the best house of Calestria.

Shortly after this update, we'll also be adding the "Event Servers" in which you are allowed to fight against other houses and slightly after that, we're planning to start the first tournament.

Hungergames; let the hunt begin

You might remember Aeterna_Hungergames? It was one of the most successful servers in Native. For all those who can't remember or imagine what the new Hungergames-game mode is all about:

bbc_alternate_quote wrote: The goal is, well, to survive. Everyone spawns at the starting position, after the countdown, you can either try to get some weapons right at the beginning, or go and find yourself better equipment somewhere in the arena - there are lots of hideouts in which you can find rare weapons. You can explore dungeons, buildings, ruins or even old temples. But beware of traps, as they can mean your sudden death. You can even build teams together with your friends and form your own little "districts". If you die, you are no longer in the games and need to wait for the next match, but you can watch the others playing through many viewpoints placed all over the map.

You heard right: Hungergames will come back in Calestria! Along side with two old-time favorite maps from the Native server, we'll also be providing a new map, fixed up by Krex pretty soon - and be warned: It's not the last map that will be added in Hungergames.
We've also made some major changes to the way you unlock the cosmetic armor sets for the gamemode, but more on that later.

There are more features that awaiting you, but we just want to give you a little sneak peek here for now...

Release? When?
We're looking to release the update on the 11th of December - this isn't set in stone yet, so we might have to switch to the 13th if we can't make it. You can already register on our forums:

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Calestria (Version 0.3.0)

Calestria (Version 0.3.0)

Full Version 2 comments

Open Alpha of Calestria. Version 0.3.0 This version is a playable version of Calestria where you can play with the core content. More and more features...

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is it SP or MP ?

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Why do most of the Fun Sounding mods have to be EU only??? a real bummer...

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Cause EU is bigger and NA is dieing but i agree whith u

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Dear moderators i have some questions and requests how is it possible an archer to carry a bloody plate 2nd nerd the cavalry and there numbers cause when new ppl get in this mod and third i dont know if this is the mod's fault but when i shoot someone with my most of my arrows pass through him

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tracking, good to see you have hit the moddb stage :)

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I started tracking this is the mod i was waiting for im comming in today gonna bring some friends

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Best grammar ever

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oh ye it is

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