Burning Fish Tweaks for Max Payne v1.0

This mod changes a few minor things about Max Payne.

There are two versions of this mod, one with normal BulletTime and one with infinite BulletTime. Go wild!


- Way more decals possible in High Detail Mode (practically infinite)
- Removed widescreen-matte for cinematics
- HUD "Look at" exclamation mark removed
- Improved quality of savegames' thumbnails
- The repeating of the "Cannot pickup weapon / ammo" message is now delayed from 5 seconds to 2 minutes.

Integrated the "Select Level 1.3" mod by Jim Myhrberg. See ReadMe from version 1.0 below.

- Level Selector
- More cheats: GetBT (Get BulletTime), BT (Get BulletTime), Suicide (self-explanatory), HideHUD / ShowHUD
- I did however removed the ability the choose music in the main-menu. Unnecessary in my opinion and the
option was cluttering the menu


Max Payne: Select Level v1.0 Mod - February 2, 2002
By: Jim Myhrberg

This is a very simple Mod, all it does is add an
option called "Select Level" to the main menu of
Max Payne. And it let's you choose Game type
("Fugitive", "Hard-Boiled", "Dead on Arrival" and
"New York Minute").

To install just UnZip the "Select_Level_v1.0.mpm"
file to your Max Payne directory (the dir. that you
installed Max Payne to).
To uninstall just delete the
"Select_Level_v1.0.mpm" file from your Max Payne

When you move the cursor over a Level, it will say
a small description about that level in the bottom
right corner of the screen.
For ex. if you move the cursor over "Payne's House"
It'll say "Payne's House | part0_level1".
If you type
"maxpayne_gamemode->gm_init(part0_level1);" in the
command console when you are playing any level
it'll load Max Payne's House. And it's the same
with all the other levels in the "Select Level"

I've also added a Secret Bonus Level (End Combat)
which you normally can't access via normal game

Downside of the Mod:
When you choose any level from the "Select Level"
option, the game automatically saves to the first
slot (Auto Save). So if you've got any important
saved game there you should save it somewhere else
before you start any game for the "Select Level"
option. I'm gonna look in to it when I get the
time, and I hope I can get it away. But I can't
promise anything, cause I don't know yet if it
can be done.
But if you know how to do it, it'd be nice if you
could e-mail me and tell me.

This is my first Mod ever for any game, that's why
it's a very simple Mod. But I'm learning, so
hopefully I'll be able to do something Cool soon.
There are few other Mods, which have Level
Selectors, but as far as I know they don't say
what Chapter etc. you choose, that's why I made
this Mod.
If you find any Bug, Error etc. in my Mod, please
e-mail me and tell me about it, so I can fix it.
If you haven't finished the game in any game mode
yet, I recommend that you don't use this mod till
you have. Otherwise it'll spoil the whole game.
If you use my Select Level Mod in any of your own
Mods I'd be happy if you could put my name and
maybe e-mail in your ReadMe file. After all I did
put a lot hours in to this mod.
My favorite Mod is "KungFu v2.0" you can get it
from: Kungfu.maxpayneheadquarters.com

Thanks To:
Remedy for the BEST GAME EVER MADE!
And all the other people that makes Mods to the

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Burning Fish Tweaks
Burning Fish Tweaks
Burning Fish Tweaks
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Burning Fish Tweaks v1.0

Burning Fish Tweaks v1.0

Full Version 2 comments

This mod changes a few minor things about Max Payne. There are two versions of this mod, one with normal BulletTime and one with infinite BulletTime...

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