Noir York City Mod is a combination of 2 mods (Max Payne Retextured and Realistic IA) which I made for the game Max Payne 1 .

So, what to expect if you play with the Mod Noir York City for Max Payne 1 :


- The contrast level and the fog distance in all maps have been changed : It makes the shadows more apparent and in the exterior levels it makes it looks like the distant buildings are disappearing into the night.

- All the skybox textures have been replaced, most of the time by a dark night sky with a few stars and a full moon semi-hidden behind clouds.

- The skylines have also been replaced and and on the horizons, you can now see distant buildings, city lights and even distant water (in the Manhattan docks), which give the impression that New York City is alive.

- The mod also replaces most textures used on the buildings (exterior walls, interior walls, grounds, ceilings,...) as well as the textures used on many furniture items and a few others items too. The water textures have also been replaced : Now the water zones and sea located outside buildings are frozen or semi-frozen.


- With the Noir York City Mod, more decals are displayed in the screen, so the actions made by Max Payne and the others non playable characters have a more visible impact on the game's world (So, the game will now display more empty cartridges, more impacts, etc... on the grounds).

- Max Payne doesn't bleed anymore if he falls into the sea in the mission where he has to take control of Boris Dime's ship for Wladimir Lem.

- The player and the other npcs don't recover health points when they are injured, so if Max Payne has only 10% life left and he starts using his injured animations, the only way now to go back to his normal state is to use a painkiller.

- The mod makes all headshots lethal : 1 hit to the head and Max Payne and all others NPCs will go down.

- The Noir York City Mod also adds 3 additional savegames slots.

- The characters who have a body armor can takes a lots of shots to the torso.

- The characters who are slim move a little bit faster and the characters who are fat move a little bit slower. And this also impact their jump distance, how they dodge,...

- All characters also have customized health points, precision stats, how much time they need to aim, etc...And of course, stronger enemies (like the boss) react and aim faster (as they aren't bullet sponges anymore, their strenght is based on movements, reaction times and equipments).

- The player isn't invulnerable anymore when he is jumping around in slow motion. Now, just like the normal non-playable characters, if he is hit while jumping around, he dies.

- The adaptive difficulty in the Fugitive difficulty mode has been removed, so if you play good or bad don't impact the difficulty anymore.

- As for the Difficulty MODES : Now they work like this : In the Hard Boiled and Dead on Arrival difficulty modes : - The player can takes slightly less shots to the torso. - The Bullet Time lasts less time and its recovery time is longer. - Also, the ammo are more scarce, which means that in theses 2 games modes, it isn't possible to jump around anymore in slow motions while emptying your weapons on the enemies. You will have to use a little bit more strategy to beat theses modes (ex: Aim for headshots, use blunt weapons on some enemies, hide behind covers and throw molotove cocktails and grenades,...). And finally, for the Fugitive Mode (Normal difficulty), the player has a lots of ammos, so the game can be played in a fast pace.

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If there are People who want to try creating even better skybox textures for the game, here are 2 tutorials :

Tutorial 1 : This video tutorial explains how to replace the skybox textures in Max Payne 1 :

For example, here are a few examples of what you can do with this method (Showcase test) :

The customized sky and skyline textures in my mod Noir York City for Max Payne 1 have been created with this method (Sorry if the video is a little too dark, but Max Payne 1 is very old and it was complicated to record it correctly. That said, the video is bright enough to see the visual changes).

Mod Noir York City v1.5 (Showcase video - What you can do with more advanced textures modding) :

Tutorial 2 : This text tutorial also explains how to replace the skybox textures in Max Payne 1 (It is for use in complement of the video tutorial) :

Text tutorial which explains how to modify Max Payne's 1 sky textures

NB : And when I have the time, I will try making a tutorial which explains how to replace the normal textures (like for example the textures which recover the buildings' walls and also items).

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Noir York City Mod for Max Payne 1 (Skybox ONLY version)

Noir York City Mod for Max Payne 1 (Skybox ONLY version)

Full Version

This light version of the mod Noir York City for Max Payne 1 contains ONLY the new SKYBOX TEXTURES and CUSTOMIZED FOG VALUES.



Full Version 5 comments

Included in version 1.6 : - Retextured skybox, skylines and buildings (interior and exteriors). - Reworked contrast and fog. - Realistic IA : Enemies...


this mod makes the game look like Deus Ex, very nice

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Always great to see a new Max Payne Mod drop without warning! Awesome stuff!

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Noir York City Mod for Max Payne

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