This mod changes a few minor things about Max Payne. There are two versions of this mod, one with normal BulletTime and one with infinite BulletTime. Go wild! Changes: - Way more decals possible in High Detail Mode (practically infinite) - Removed widescreen-matte for cinematics - HUD "Look at" exclamation mark removed - Improved quality of savegames' thumbnails - The repeating of the "Cannot pickup weapon / ammo" message is now delayed from 5 seconds to 2 minutes. Integrated the "Select Level 1.3" mod by Jim Myhrberg. See ReadMe from version 1.0 below. - Level Selector - More cheats: GetBT (Get BulletTime), BT (Get BulletTime), Suicide (self-explanatory), HideHUD / ShowHUD - I did however removed the ability the choose music in the main-menu. Unnecessary in my opinion and the option was cluttering the menu

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This mod is very good. If you want nothing but graphical enhancements that are no trouble for modern day PCs, this is what you need. It does what is advertised, and there are really no downsides to this.


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