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working on shotgunner sprites (Games : Doom : Mods : Brutal Doom : Forum : Editing : working on shotgunner sprites) Locked
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Oct 22 2019 Anchor

hi i started some personal project a while ago. working on base of 8times resized brutal doom sprites with a pixel brush.. well i dont have any idea how to get them ingame. was thinking about finding some upscaled monster sprite pack and than replacing the images. i tried to use the orignal colors and its still far from good when it comes to the actual smoothness of the animation test i made. but yeah its a bit of a long term project and then thats just one character xo ... but i image could be fun in some shotgunner map to test with and see if it#s worth actually doing this stuff. i mean the low res pixel stuff might be more fitting in the end and im not much of an animation guy. could be a good idea to go for virtual clay first like some people did and then go over it with the pixel brush. edit: will post update if there is any update ;-/ shottgunguy remake wip

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