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How to enable the BROKEN morph demon rune! (Brutal Doom v21) (Games : Doom : Mods : Brutal Doom : Forum : General Talk : How to enable the BROKEN morph demon rune! (Brutal Doom v21)) Post Reply
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Aug 23 2020 Anchor

I have found that Sgt_Mark_IV removed functionality from the demon rune on purpose or otherwise, i dont really know because it doesnt seem buggy (so far) in testing! EDIT: The reventant seems to be slighty buggy because it seems to have no secondary attack and plays IMP pain sounds when hurt.

Heres how to fix it:

1. Download this file:

This is simple ACS code that i wrote to give the actors "DemonRuneRevenant" & "DemonRuneBaron" contained whithin these decorate scripts: DECORATE.DemonRuneBaron & DECORATE.RevenantRune to the players inventory thus re-enabling the morph feature!

2. Open the brutaldoom v21 pk3 and replace the file "LOADACS" contained in the root of the pk3 and place "BARONMORPH.o" and "REVENTANTMORPH.o" into the ACS folder!


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