This is the story of how you were brainwashed, and woke up in a place you have never seen before. All you know is, you have to escape wherever you are.

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I'm not easily fooled when comes to the story, but this time damn man! You make a damn lot effort on this mod it's just cray how detailed one this is. I have been playing now 3-4 hours straight and not finished?

Easily longest custom story out there, storyline good one make's sense, there are really many maps and damn many puzzles and genius ones and couple jumpscares which is fine. Really different from other cheap custom stories. I see how you build it better and better and really damn good.

There are some grammar errors and overclipping textures, but hey? There is too much detailing what you have in here and it's really normal to have couple bugs. I'm really glad that I don't have so far bugs or getting stuck. Only with puzzles because there are really good and couple unique ones too and really brainstorming.

I love the mapping and almost everything in this mod, it's not poor one what you have maded. Maybe a little confusing parts when you go "Basement, lab, outside, well, strange houses" mixed up order. That's fine.

I really love this mod so far and I was glad that I find this. This is a little gem for the Amnesia custom stories out there. Fascinating work man!

I give 9/10 it's not perfection, but really enjoyable.

This mod it's absolutely fantastic.
The story is very intriguing, original and unique.
The iteractions with the entity are amazing and the entity are amazing themselves.
Spectacular graphics, enviroinment full of details.
Very nice the voice acting.
This mod offer the oppurtunity to explore. There are quests inside a quest.
This denotes a high level of concentration (passion and devotion, of course) by the author during the realization of this mod.
A thank also to all those who have collaborated, (their names are in the credit list, also this list contain graphics and effects...)

Outstanding masterpiece!

Love this mod, definitely one of my favorites.

- Voice acting is superb, something very hard to find in Amnesia custom stories.

- The story is interesting, albeit a little generic so far with the rich-man-creates-horrific-monsters theme, but this may change as more chapters are released and the story is fleshed out.

- After the prison sequence, the number of monster encounters is a little too high for my taste; in the final version of the mod, a tweak of monster encounters might be a good idea to consider: too many encounters goes from being scary to being more of an annoying hindrance for the player.

- In the final chase sequence, when you are forced to look at the Brute as it bursts down the door and begins to race at you, sometimes the Brute can get way too close before you are allowed to run, causing your instantaneous death as he beats you with his huge, sharp murder-stick. Here's an idea to consider: have the door be burst open but then turn the player toward the corridor and have the "RUN!" prompt (don't let him watch the Brute walk out toward him). Seeing the monster coming toward you, in my opinion, isn't as scary as running for your life with NO idea where the monster is: if it's RIGHT behind you, or a few feet behind you.

Final thoughts:

Story (so far): 8/10 - Very promising but somewhat generic at this point in time. A few grammatical and spelling errors here and there but nothing you guys couldn't fix with some proofreading.

Atmosphere: 9/10 - Nice level design and lighting, but don't be afraid to try new things!

Scares: 9/10 - Interesting scares such as hearing the two men talking and seeing the Grunt walk across the banister into the room to kill them.

Voice Acting: 10/10

Overall: 9/10 - Totally recommended.



- Amazingly creative maps and story
- Fun and scary at the same time
- A "friend"
- Very long story
- A lot of new custom items
- Climbing on egdes feature


- The "climbing on egdes" idea is brilliant, but spam it and you are flying like a bird
- A few areas where I could glitch out. The swamp, for example, did not have enough blockboxes


This is the funiest story I have ever played! It isn't the most touching story I have ever played, but it was hilarious and scary at the same time (not sure how it is possible to mix scary and fun, but you did it).

It did have some areas where I could glitch through the ground or jump out of the map, but there are too many positive things to vote it down because of a couple of glitches.

Highly recommended to all players, new or veteran.

10/10 - Masterpiece

Definitely belongs to the top custom stories. Focused on detail, atmosphere, storyline and originality, this custom story offers an excellent gaming experience which can easily amaze the player. A few the puzzles are rather hard and there's not much oil if you're not searching thoroughly. I believe I had been tracking this CS once before it was released and I think it'd been in development for a pretty long time. Now I understand why. All the effort that was put into this fine piece of hard work has proved to be reasonable.
I only found one bug - when you're going back from the Death's Quarters and load an autosave, the passageway that is supposed to be unblocked might still be blocked. This bug can be avoided by loading an earlier save or autosave. (I loaded an autosave before I went to the room with the orb and it worked.)


- High level of creativity
- Advanced, yet not too hard puzzles
- Amazing level design! It's obvious that you took your time with it
- Story line is so unique as it can be
- Best voice acting I've ever heard in Amnesia! Huge cred to the voice actors


- Suitor only spawned once and disappeared quickly. I saw no purpose with him
- Pretty few actual encounters (the grunt was walking around like 12 times and only attacked 1-2 times at most)
- The ending was way too easy, especially compared to the rest of the story. I did not understand what the Alexander voice acting did there. Was that a horseman?


I play a lot of stories, some of them are bad and some are decent. I ask myself "would I pay to play this story as a DLC?" And my answer is always No. But this time I could actually say "Yeah, I would pay to play this story".

There are a few minor things, like the ending, that could be a bit better, but it's close to perfection. The story is unique and refreshing, the level design is beutiful and the voice acting is the best I've ever heard in Amnesia.

Highly recommended.

10/10 - Masterpiece

I was impressed with this particular custom story. I'll be hitting points in order of story, level design, sound, conflict, and conclusion.

The story began in an ordinary way, running from a monster is always a good way of getting a story started, but several things struck me as strange. First, the protagonist's wife is slaughtered, and he doesn't really show any reaction or emotion which is necessary when you begin a story with a tragedy. Next, the protagonist's motivation is not always clear. He doesn't recognize the monster to be set exclusively on him, and yet he chooses to stay within Harman's castle chasing after the group who supposedly brought him inside, left him a note, and then went on an expedition to the other side of the castle. Overall I like the story, but these points could have used clearing up.

Level design was pretty damn good. I was very happy with fairly clear directions of where I needed to go, or where I needed to be, and got lost very little. I thought it was amusing how I would grab an item, be chased out of a room through the opposite side, and then the door would slam shut and lock behind me. I appreciate how this prevents worry of having missed something. Elements of the rooms were well placed, believable, and useful.

Sound was pretty standard in my opinion. I mean that in a neutral way, in that it was chosen well enough, but there was nothing particularly impressive about it.

The conflict of the story was set up well with the brute acting as the main antagonist, grunts acting as secondary antagonists along with water monsters. The brute's entrances were well set, and made significant by the character's observations, giving the player a reason to fear him a bit more than the others. The bane of my Amnesia existance has always been water monsters. So when I had to go through the excruciatingly long water area towards the end of chapter one, I had a heart attack.

A truly enjoyable experience. 10/10

well.. where do i start. i've been watching this mod since the earliest screens, but visually, it exceeded all my expectations still. the long years of development can really be seen in the details :) the gameplay started out with pretty basic puzzles but as more and more of the custom assets and awesome ideas showed up i was pretty confident i'll enjoy this mod until the last second. the atmosphere was so damn amazing!

and i was actually right.. though the last chapter was the least favourite of them all with its linearish progression and barely any reward for exploration, and the story could have been crafted a little better at points, i cannot give this mod anything but a 10/10. the custom assets fit so much into amfp's elements it's unbelievable, and i don't think i've seen a package of models like these in a while either. the mod feels a lot like amfp, it focuses a lot more on atmosphere, story and exploration than the monster encounters, but here the balance is much better and the outcome is as creepy as it should be. however i need to admit the hitbox of the ghost lady was ******* annoying :D

all i all i think i will rate this mod the mod of the year too, since while i played a lot of good mods this year, none had such shown potential, originality and catching atmosphere as this. i think i also reported you all the smaller bugs i found. one last big up, the framerate!! i don't think i've had this stable framerate in any mod of this detail. finally someone who didn't try to force large levels and realized this fits amnesia the best.

great job! i really hope you'll make another one in the future, you can think in a smaller project too it's far less of a burden :)

This is my second custom story that I played but have played many others after and this is still my most favorite, I love, it was scary, spooky and creative all together.. I have save this to my CS folder that I will play again in the future, this is a must play... You have to try it for yourself, you won't be disappointed it. I honestly haven't seen any flaws/bugs.

This is an amazing mod, the atmosphere is very spot-on and there were several moments that made me jump out of my seat. The graveyard area was definitely the made me feel tense. My only nitpicks are that the puzzles are a bit tricky and I had to refer to a walkthrough.

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This is one of the best custom stories i have played!
It didnt take long for me to have the chills on my back. It´s so freaking scary!
And the monster with glowing eyes, i shit my pants!
The level design is amazing, and the puzzles are well done! the music makes it even better and makes the atmosphere in the game really scary.

Hope we will se a new custom story from you in Amnesia: Rebirth!

(excuse my english, im from Sweden x))

Feb 22 2021 by WhitesRBttrThnBlacks