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Background lore on the Aphillius Dominion and the Aginnum Empire.

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The calendar of Aerune begins with the founding of Aginnum; under a king. The Kingdom of Aginnum won a few skirmishes with neighboring towns, expanding slightly. But soon, the king's son declared that all land in Aginnum was his possession alone, and the men of Aginnum rose up against him. The result was at first a patchwork nation of ill-equipped militias; the leaders among the militiamen would become the senators in a new senate. After an improbable victory against an Estmere incursion to the fledgling democracy, the generals and legionnaires returned with great glory and wealth, and soon, the Aginnum Republic was established and territory was captured, wars were won in subsequent conflicts with the Erskine, Estmere, and Sarast.

The Republic built great cities such as Adurni and expanded Aginnum; but soon were faced by a threat in Ragnvald's conquest of Aerune in 203-208. Aginnum lost lands including Adurni, only stopping the northerners in a stalemate siege at Faventia Keep. Those lands were taken back soon after Ragnvald's death, however, and the Republic flourished.

Trade flourished within the empire, especially upon conquering a new dominion. It wasn't uncommon to see Sarastan architecture or goods in Aginnum cities following the defeat of the Desert Kingdom in 600s; and the Republic used alliances opportunistically, one year they would war with the Erskine and the next you may find Erskine mercenaries in Aginnum's war against Estmere.

The Republic comprised of a senate filled with representatives of all the major towns and villages in the realm. These representatives would often bicker and fight relentlessly throughout the early part of our 9th century, leading to minimal change and a weakening republic. However, despite the misfortunes, the Republic was still strong. Her army was considered to be the most disciplined in Aerune, and the governmental system, ineffective as it was during the 800s, was ingenious in design, allowing the princeps, a democratically elected governor of the Republic to govern through an age of dysfunction.

In 891, The Aginnum Republic, already suffering from unrest in the Senate, raids in the southern desert from the legacy of the Sarast Desert Kingdom, and disloyal southern generals, the Senators found themselves taken prisoner in their own hall. The Princeps Titus came newly victorious from suppressing an Estmere incursion, took his most trusted officers to the doors of the Senatorial hall, slipped a silver to each of the guards, and told the senate simply: "You live if you obey. Call for the people of Aginnum to hear of their Princeps' glory."

The people gathered in the forum to hear the leader make a rousing speech to deafening applause for a victorious general soon to be emperor; as the senate had crossbows pointed at their heads from just unseen vantage points. The senate looked on helplessly. "People of Aginnum! You suffered as the Senate bickered and fought. When the Hernar invaded Aerune many years ago, the Senate agreed soundly. It was the generals who won you all the war. And what did the Senate give out ancestors in return for their service? More arguing! When the southern Aphillius Dominion became a part of Aginnum, the Senate agreed soundly. But were they the ones who brought that good fortune upon you? No! It was the legion who brought us that. When we had signed truce after truce in this bloody war, each time, how did the Senate reward our ancestors' service? More arguing! Now, as we resume the wars in Aerune, and as the dread warlord Ragnvald rises again, now is not the time for more arguing! Now is the time Aginnum needs a strong ruler! One her people can trust again! My people of this fine land, the day is past when we suffered under the Senate! I will be your Imperator! I will lead our nation to glory! The Aginnum Republic is done. This, my people, is the age of the Aginnum Empire!" The senate was disbanded that very day.

The southern generals and politicians renounced Titus, with the support of the fleeing Senators. They included the Aphillius and Sarast Dominions; but that was no republic. General Kleitos of the Aphillius Dominion took the title of Princeps to please the senators, and sent them to villas to live the rest of their lives in riches as he would rule alone. The Kingdoms of Estmere and Erskine; even though they were in a war with Hernar at that very moment, were in a state of relief at that time because Swangarde was taking the brunt of the Hernar attack. Both kingdoms seized lands to their south. The days of the Republican rule were over, and tyranny would rule the great lands of Aginnum.

Aginnum Empire in battle.

Aphillius Dominion in battle.

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