Bones of Ragnvald is a story-driven medieval fantasy mod for Mount & Blade: Warband. It is currently being developed by hobbyist modders who have previously worked on successful projects such as Perisno. The mod adds new features such as a unique story mode, customizable Kingsguards, random events, catacombs, legendary items, new scenes, lockpicking and more.

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Very nice Mod Great work Keep it up


very promising


A truly good mod with great potential. Developers, just keep up this excellent work!

The story isn't terrible, however the map size and the textures make it visually unbearable. The items aren't orginal and the factions aren't interesting.


In general i like a lot mods that have a storyline, and this one is one of the best i've ever seen.


It's a testament to how dedicated and talented the M&B modding community is.


I love this mod, please continue to work on it!

A low-magic world in warband is prevalent,i don't like whole-magic type of mod but realistic and low-magic.The story mode、catacombs、random events and lockpicking(a new feature!)all is my like.




A lot of unique scenes, and they are all well done. The early game is fun with the story mode.

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