What is this?

Boat-Less is an alternative take on Half-Life 2's story. The mod features a modified version of the original storyline, and includes brand new maps. The core of the experience is still, and will always be, going through the canals - without the airboat.

What to expect?

  • Steam AppID - once out, you will be able to download Boat-Less directly from Steam!
  • Brand new maps, as well as an alternative story.
  • Extended and improved Water Hazard maps, remade to fit the on-foot experience.
  • New NPCs waiting for you on your path to Black Mesa East!
  • New voice acting making the alternative story as immersive as the original one.
  • New music that fits the atmosphere and complements our additions to the game.
  • Improved assets that make the mod look better than the original Half-Life 2.
  • ...and much, much more!

We know that the Water Hazard chapter is rather boring for many Half-Life 2 players because of the airboat. Now, the time has come - Freeman will go through the old canals, Boat-Less!

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Back from the "dead"

It's been a long time... How have you been?

The last article we've posted was back in December of 2017. Quite a while! Now, we're happy to show you what we've been doing as the time passed. It wasn't always full-on productivity. We've had some motivation issues, downtime was a thing, one of our key devs had some extremely serious health issues, some folks left the team, other joined. Much of the work we've been doing was coding, or some small, yet important features. Basically, it wasn't worth a media update. Now, with lots of new content, we can show you all what took us so long, and hopefully it was worth the wait!

The NPCs

The Jet Unit ("Heavy")

The Combine are bringing in the big guns. Used only in extreme situations, these guys mean business. Welding the infamous AR3 and Smoke Grenades, as well as a lot of armor, you can bet meeting the Heavies won't be a walk in the park.

Industrial Zone Heavy

The Smoke Grenades, known by the Combine as the Jet Extractors, are used by the Heavy to gain advantage over his targets. Avoid the smoke!

Industrial Zone Smoke Grenade

Make sure not to enter the smoke, as it can give your enemies a great advantage.

Industrial Zone Smoke Grenade

The Bullsquid

The Bullsquid lurks in the shallow waters of the canals, waiting for prey to come close. It loves to ambush whoever dares to come close enough, or whoever makes the mistake of not keeping track of the water around them.

Suspect Is On Foot Bullsquid

We've decided to make fighting the Bullsquid more interesting by making it try to use melee attacks more often than long-distance spitting. We belive this fits the maps of Water Hazard more, and makes use of the water and junk/debris around the riverbeds of the canals.

Suspect Is On Foot Bullsquid 2

While the Bullsquid is not done yet, we're quite happy with how it is so far. Expect more info about in future updates!

Suspect Is On Foot Bullsquid 3

The Maps

As you probably know by now, Boat-Less is far more than just a simple mappack. This time, we've decided to show you some more of our brand new maps. with old versions for comparison. Have a look!

Initiation Corridors

Initiation Blockout

Initiation Corridors

Initiation Blockout

And here are a few more screenshots.

These are either in WIP or nearly done phases.

Initiation Crash 1

Initiation Corridors

Initiation Corridors

Initiation Corridors

Initiation Shop

Initiation Corridors

Initiation Subway

Initiation Subway

Initiation Scanners

Initiation Corridors

Here are a few improvements to the Water Hazard maps, as well as some new previously out-of-bounds areas.

More progress on these maps wil be shown in the next update, which will come in the near future.

Suspect Is On Foot

Suspect Is On Foot

Suspect Is On Foot

Suspect Is On Foot

Suspect Is On Foot

That's it for now folks! Expect more frequent updates from us in the near future. Boat-Less is back on track! Thanks for sticking with us. This mod is far from dead, and it will only get better from now on.
Expect more content soon.

-WALLe and the team

2017 for BOAT-LESS - Year Summary

2017 for BOAT-LESS - Year Summary

News 11 comments

Let's look at how things are right now, and have a nice summary of 2017!

Expanding The Boundaries

Expanding The Boundaries

News 8 comments

Out of bounds areas in games usually make us wonder what it would look like to be there. Time to see what hides in them!

The Sound of BOAT-LESS

The Sound of BOAT-LESS

News 1 comment

Some information about the overall sound design that goes into the mod aswell as music!

We've been covered by PC Gamer & News!

We've been covered by PC Gamer & News!

News 6 comments

We've been mentioned by PC Gamer! It's also time for an update.

Comments  (0 - 10 of 80)
autismopig - - 6 comments

Hope this is still going!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Vrabo - - 47 comments

"Hey let's make a simple mod where it's one Half Life 2 chapter but without the boat."

*6 years later...*

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
cheezkid - - 39 comments

dead mod?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
notfreemanlosthisem - - 45 comments

I will gladly wait 50 years for this

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Daburubareru - - 738 comments

Boat Less is still apparently active and being worked by the same devs, they were just busy with irls stuff. It's cool that it got featured by Pcgamer tho :o

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes
WALLe_PL Creator
WALLe_PL - - 21 comments

IRL completely wrecked nearly everyone on the team, myself included, but yeah, I haven't given up on it yet. Major changes have been done though, the scope is far smaller than what it became. Sorry for the silence, just figured I'll wait until I have actual news to show. More (proper) info coming in the near future!

Reply Good karma+4 votes
atexga - - 58 comments

still up?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
BionicCoyote - - 1,253 comments

Just discovered this mod. It looks pretty ******* cool! I hope it's still in development

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
green69 - - 11 comments

how's the progress?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
Kabootis - - 34 comments

Boat-less looks good tho, since im the fan of just a boat on water hazard chapter, levels are god damn good, enemys looks perfect (bullsquids are good tho)

However, its not released yet, I was thinking if this mod is dead, ngl

keep your good work anyways

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
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