The Blue Wizard Mod adds a new playable faction, Elves, to the game "The Lord of the Rings, The Battle for Middle-earth(tm)". It also enhances the original factions with additions and changes the gameplay. One of my goals is to keep the unit design and overall feeling similar to the original game. Therefore house colors will remain active, the focus is on multiplayer (2vs2+ games) and most units won't have super high texture quality (also because it can cause lag). It has a lot of similarities to the Elvenstar Mod 5.8, the first mod I've ever played and motivated me to get into modding myself. As I and many others have problems getting the old versions installed (and the mod itself was buggy at times), I decided to make my own mod, using similar elements of the mod I loved to play back in the day combined with my own ideas. Elves have entered the stage, and the foundation for another new faction is set!

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Nice mod, keep up the good wor !


because magic is my faworite one in bfme and i hope it has big potential




I just tried the mod last night, and without any doubt it is one of the best BFME mod I played. Everything seems crafted with meticulousness and taste. The new models, textures and icons are wonderfull. I personnaly really enjoyed the new elegant Elven castle. Even the main menu and the Palantir are tuned with an elegant green blue color (in the spirit of ROTWK). Playing the Elves with a castle under the snow is something any BFME gamer should try ;)
Congratulations Pallandoya, great job and thank you for making this great mod !

Great Mod.


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great mod ...
if you work for the champion and make a new map or make a new history of the game for the elf or dwarf or others ... its the best mod ever... sorry for my English ... im from japon


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