Blood: Trauma Therapy is a fan-made episode for Blood. It is compatible with Vanilla, NBlood and BuildGDX. Blood: Fresh Supply won’t run it properly, it crashes all the time.

For installation and other information (like known bugs) look at the readme.txt

The story so far: (I even made a cheesy cutscene that tells you basicly as much as you have to know for a 90s shooter)

Caleb has won over the Cabal and destroyed the evil god Tchernobog. A short time has passed but Caleb can not find any rest. He is tormented by horrid dreams and visions that are haunting him and he has trouble distinguishing reality from dream. Awaking one day in hospital having no idea how he got there he seesonly one solution to his agony. He has to find the three vessels of Tchernobogs Aura to resurrect him and kill him for the last time in hope of finding peace and rest.

Problems, questions? Leave a comment!

Have fun!

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I’ve been working on this one for over one year. Trauma Therapy finally get’s a new episode with new tweaks to episode I. This new episode will not be compatible with version 1 an 1.1 due to changes on the tiles. So if you have Trauma Therapy 1.1 installed delete it and install it fresh. I have addapted a batch-installer so it should work fine.

The important comes first:

‚Trauma Therapy‘ can be run unter BuildGDX, Raze, NBlood and DOS.

But due to random problems (see the readme file enclosed in the zip file) I recommend using NBlood or DOS.

Fresh Supply WILL crash so it’s not supported.


Fight the cabal that try to invade.


Discover strange new places that push the original build engine.


From islands, cities, and skyscrapers to the depths of Caleb mind


Follow Caleb into his state of mind, defeat the evil that lurks within.


But sometimes the evil inside resembles something known to oneself…

Planned release: end of February 2022

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Trauma Therapy Episode II

Trauma Therapy Episode II

Full Version 30 comments

Here it is. Blood: Trauma Therapy Episode II After over one year in development I can finally release the second episode of "Blood: Trauma Therapy". Follow...

Minor Trauma Therapy map fixes

Minor Trauma Therapy map fixes

Patch 2 comments

This is an update package for some maps for Trauma Therapy. Nothing fancy, just minor fixes in some maps. A fully updated version of episode 1 with a...

Trauma Therapy V. 1.1

Trauma Therapy V. 1.1

Full Version 24 comments

This is version 1.1 of Blood: Trauma Therapy. I updated the map design and tried to incorporate feedback I got from users of version 1.0. For more information...

Trauma Therapy

Trauma Therapy

Full Version 4 comments

This is version 1.0 of Blood: Trauma Therapy. Compatible with Vanilla, NBlood and BuildGDX. For known bugs and installation guide take a look at the readme.txt...

Comments  (0 - 10 of 30)
Muleke_Trairao - - 248 comments

Just finished episode two. What a ride, my friends! One of the best Blood episodes I've ever played! This is top-notch stuff!

Now, I have found a potential issue in the map TT26: when you find the hole you have to jump down (the one that has water around that sucks you in), it's impossible not to die from fall damage (I had 100 health). I didn't have nor could I find any Jump Boots around to negate the fall damage, so I resorted to using the "god" console command to make myself immortal and jump down the hole safely to progress.

I was running the latest versions of both TT and NBlood.

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Guest - - 692,319 comments

is the author thinking about an Episode 3? This is phenomenal stuff.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
barishjoker - - 1 comments

Hello! On two maps the game crashes with an error "Out of free Xsprites"!!!
Please Help! (BloodGdx)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Dzierzan - - 820 comments

The author of this addon recommends using either Dosbox or NBlood port.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Rataphract - - 17 comments

Moon key disappeared 3 seconds after it appeared in episode1 secret level.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
BloodyTom Creator
BloodyTom - - 24 comments

Episdoe 1 is a little buggy after editing the existing maps for episode 2. Right now I'm working on my new episode, so I don't have any time fixing the problems right now.

But I already have made a list with all the issues. When I'm done with my new episode I will attend to TT again.

Fro now: sorry for the inconvenience.

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eqagunn - - 24 comments

I was playing in Raze.

In E1E11 on lower difficulties Gargoyle statue was replaced by Axe Zombie statue and Axe Zombie won't trigger the explosion required to progress. I'm guessing Axe Zombie statue still expects a Gargoyle which doesn't spawn.

In E1M12 the Moon Key disappears after opening the gate:
Stone Gargoyle gives 2nd Eye Key instead of Skull Key:

In levels where an explosion alters the room (e.g. TT19) the change is not properly visible unless I save and reload. Screenshots here:

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Serathis - - 468 comments

Okay, this **** is this close to Death Wish: >--<

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes
Nannak - - 49 comments

One thing we do know is, Caleb Is Still Crazy after all these years....

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
Gleb_AA-Gun - - 1,002 comments

Man this looks so good but shame it doesn't work on the good port :c

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