This is a modification for Blitzkrieg and Blitzkrieg Rolling Thunder.It adds realism to the game.

-infantry is better in combat.
-vehicles have low HP,so 1-2 hits can kill them.
-correct armor values for vehicles,also depending the angle of the armor (sloped armor is better).
-artilery can't be detected anylonger,so scouting is very important.
-guns have a better precision.Also their penetration values,damage and reloading time have been corected (for better realism).
-AT mines and AP mines are better.
-binoculars are usefull now.
-new sounds

The mod works with Blitzkrieg 1.2 and Rolling Thunder 1.2

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Blitzkrieg Realism Mod v4

Blitzkrieg Realism Mod v4

Full Version

New version of my mod. See the Read Me file inside the Archive for details and installtion guide.

Blitzkrieg Realism Mod v3

Blitzkrieg Realism Mod v3

Full Version

Mod made by YamiNoKami Instalation: -add the realism_mod PAK file in your Blitzkrieg/Run/data folder. Adds realism to the game like -infantry is better...

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OnionHeads - - 50 comments

Hello, best mod for the game by far.

A Question:

What is the recommended difficulty setting when playing with this mod?

(I'm playing on Suicidal and it takes about 1 1/2 to 2 hours for me to finish each side mission with core units intact)

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MagicRingmaster - - 7 comments

Hello! I think your mod is wonderful, so thank you kindly for creating it.

This is quite late, but, one game-ruining problem some newcomers have always had with Blitzkrieg is that, the artillery/SPG can make completing many missions extremely easy and eliminate the need to be tactical.

You can just crank up the speed to 10x, bombard the map as much as possible, and then mop up any survivors with the rest of your troops

If you're still alive and willing to update this mod, I kindly request this addition:

1. Disable the "Suppressive Fire" command for artillery/SPG, stopping players from just turning the speed up to 10x and endlessly bombarding any targeted area of the map.

2. Increase the reload time for all artillery/SPG and decrease their ammunition.

3. Include an option to disable artillery/SPG altogether.

4. Include an option to disable faster speeds in-game, but not lower ones.

I will respect if you've moved on and don't respond, but I wanted to throw this out there.

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niknik283 - - 6 comments

How did you make the artillery undetectable? Loved this mod by the way, made the game more challenging in Allied and USSR campaigns

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JonConnor78 - - 7 comments

Nella missione 7 "Cherbourg" della campagna, se sposti qualsiasi unità vicino al ponte, ricevi un errore fatale della cicatrice, ma se le sposti lontano dal ponte, torna alla normalità. Inoltre, quando sposti la fanteria vicino al bunker e viene visualizzato il messaggio "Usa demolizioni o cariche di cartelle per aprire le porte", otterrai anche un errore di cicatrice fatale e non puoi distruggere la rivista con nulla. Se usi un carro armato per distruggere le porte, allora il caricatore, l'obiettivo sarà completato e la scena tagliata, una volta terminata, riceverai di nuovo un errore cicatriziale fatale con un bordo senza la possibilità di fare nulla . Schermate di tutti questi sono allegati, e anche schermate con la console aperta se ciò aiuta.
vai qui per avere gli allegati

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Guest - - 696,349 comments

"Artilery can't be detected any longer, so scouting is very important."

Does this also apply to the enemy AI? I always felt it was cheap that the enemy AI could detect your artilery, even when they hadn't spotted you.

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Guest - - 696,349 comments

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

Chef555 - - 10 comments

整個變成了新的遊戲, 愛死你了! (抱

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Lord_Baal - - 462 comments


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Tallestdavid - - 975 comments

does this work for the campaign single player? or only multiplayer?

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YamiNoKami Creator
YamiNoKami - - 8 comments

Works for single missions and campaigns for Blitzkrieg with or without Rolling Thunder and Burning Horizont. Not sure for multyplayer but I think it should work on it too.

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